How to Cook Dal Makhani Recipe – Guide

How to Cook Dal Makhani :- Dal Makhani is a popular dish from the Punjab region of India, often referred to as “The Dish of Kings.” The word “dal” refers to lentils and this particular dish is made with red kidney beans. This recipe will teach you how to make this delicious and satisfying comfort… Read More »

How to make Toast Bread with Frying Pan without Butter

How to make Toast Bread with Frying Pan without Butter :– Bread is a staple food all around the world. The recipe for bread might have come from Egypt, but bread is now eaten in many parts of the world. Bread can be made from different types of flour, such as wheat flour, rye flour… Read More »

How to Cook Brown Rice Recipe in Pressure Cooker

How to Cook Brown Rice :- Brown rice is one of the most nutritious grains on earth, and it’s also low in calories. When you cook brown rice right, it can actually be even more flavorful and delicious than white rice. We’ve got recipes for both stovetop and microwave brown rice that will make you… Read More »

How to make Cheese Dosa Recipe

If you are a kid and love to eat, then this article is perfect for you. This article will teach you how to make Cheese Dosa Recipe. This easy cheese dosa recipe is a great way to use up those leftovers in your refrigerator. It takes less than 20 minutes to cook this tasty and… Read More »

How to make Methi Paneer Recipe ?

Methi Paneer Recipe is one of the most popular vegetarian dishes in India. Methi are fenugreek leaves whereas paneer is a soft Indian cheese made from cow’s milk or buffalo milk and it can be found easily at any Indian grocery store. Methi Paneer Recipe is a north Indian dish that makes use of fenugreek… Read More »

How to make Paneer Pakora Recipe ?

Paneer pakora is a great dish to serve with Indian curries or as an appetizer at a party. Making paneer pakora is not difficult but it does require time and some patience for the deep-frying process. Paneer Pakora is one of the most popular Indian snacks. This traditional Indian recipe is made with a simple… Read More »

How to make Besan Chilla Recipe ?

The Besan Chilla Recipe is a popular Indian snack food that is found in many households. The recipe is very easy to make and the ingredients are all readily available in any grocery store. This is a traditional Indian recipe of a savory, spiced chickpea flour pancake. It is one of the most popular breakfast… Read More »

How to make Chicken Gongura Recipe ?

Chicken Gongura Recipe is an ethnic dish from the region of Andhra Pradesh. The Ferris map showcases the greatest number of culinary diversity on this planet. This article covers the steps to make Chicken Gongura Recipe. Gongura or Potherb mustard is an Indian curry leaf dish mainly cooked in Eastern India, Bangladesh and parts of… Read More »

How to make Hara Bhara Kebab Recipe ?

Hara Bhara Kebab Recipe is a special recipe from the Indian subcontinent. It is made out of spinach, paneer and onion. Hara Bhara kebabs are a type of Indian vegetarian kebab made from roasted and mashed eggplant, stuffed with a combination of minced meat (usually lamb) and spices. The word Hara means “eggplant” in Hindi… Read More »

How to make Mirchi Bajji Recipe ?

This is a easy recipe on how to make Mirchi Bajji Recipe. I have tried this recipe and the taste of the mirchi bajji was really yummy. Looking for a recipe that is going to wow your family and friends? Try making Mirchi Bajji Recipe. The batter for this recipe is a combination of ground… Read More »