5 Recent Trends in Social Media Marketing 2022




Social media marketing is the use of various social media platforms and websites to raise more awareness of a particular product or service. The product or service in return reaches millions of people and the company gains potential customers and audience engagement.


Even though digital marketing and e-commerce are all hype now, telecommunications marketing is a slowly growing business. Kolkata’s leading telecommunications marketing agencies not only provide great momentum to product popularity but also come up with innovative and effective ways to improve their marketing strategies. So, while looking for a social media marketing agency in Kolkata, keep an eye on their future staff.


Major Social Media Marketing Trends in 2022.


Every year more and more marketing styles appear on social media. A competent social media marketer should look at the flexibility of market styles and how they can be used effectively.


Listed below are the top 5 hand-picked trends for the 2021 social media platform.


CONNECTION – in today’s developing world, it is very important to spread compassion and acceptance. The days of using a model with irrational facial features and body types are gone. This is a time of consolidation. A brand needs to build its own public image by being more communicative and transparent about the social issues the customer cares about. People in today’s world will rely on 10/10 for a company that promotes diversity and engagement both in their products and in advertising. It is very important that the marketing center of the Kolkata social media platform always remembers the latest news and presents new ways to empower those who need it by promoting products or services.


POP CULTURE HEADS – as more and more people gain access to the internet, there is a huge market for all pop stuff. Using the right indicators in the right places during advertising on any social media platform can attract a large number of active audiences.


LIFE STORIES AND SHORT VIDEOS – a few years ago, TikTok took the world by its sea full of new styles that people were eagerly pursuing. The same goes for Instagram reels now. People have really short attention and creators make videos stick to a specific timeline to keep the viewer interested in the content to the end. These types of videos are great to promote as they usually reach a lot of people. Live streaming on various sites like Facebook or twitch attracts a lot of viewers as well.


TRANSPARENCY – people are always looking for a clear signal about their business and other activities and are not ready to have their own if things go awry. They look for authentic products. If a product wants to build a strong and reliable customer base, they need to be honest with them and gain their trust. A brand should not promote false values ​​that are more likely to be met with other toxic substances such as bias and apathy.




The above-mentioned trends are very hot in the year 2021. A good social media marketing agency in Kolkata will definitely have marketers who are fully aware of it and use it to promote and grow.


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