500 GB SSD: speed up your laptop and improve your gaming experience

500 GB SSD: speed up your laptop and improve your gaming experience.

500 GB SSD: speed up your laptop and improve your gaming experience.

SSD plays an important role in speeding up your portable computer and improving your game experience. If you are looking for a 500 GB SSD, here are some of the best options to choose from.

SSDs end up being incredibly loud; Apple and Windows PC a few manufacturers use them on laptops. Solid drives can provide faster and more reliable information movement compared to conventional solid drive drives. 500 GB SSD: speed up your laptop

Players can design content, even bloggers, and professionals, use them on a desktop PC to get them started quickly and run complex programs faster and easier.
And if you want a 500 GB SSD, but are confused about which one to choose, you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of the best 500GB SSDs for you.

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HP SSD S700 2.5-inch 500Gb SATA

It has started to eliminate internal firmware and a professional level of security guarantees against infections and hijackings. It incorporates statistics of fluctuating aging and evening standing and supports NANDX familiar ECC, TRIM, S.M.A.R.T, NCQ, GC.

Western digital wd SN550 500GB NVMe SSD internal

Western digital is a PC-based organization known for selling high-end device that combines compact HDDS and SSD. Promote your frame show with high quality NVMe SSDs. Fixed Western digital controller and firmware for advanced use. Digital SSD digital dashboard constantly checks the sound of your SSD.

Seagate fireCuda 520 500GB internal hard drive performance

Seagate firecuda 520 is an M.2 SSD intended for gamers. Drive driver 3D TLC NAND streak memory stronger and better compared to MLC and QLC. This Seagate drive can withstand up to 850 TBW down which in the dark WD SN850 you will see it is low.

Kingston 500GB A2000 M.2 2280 NVMe internal SSD.

The Kingston A2000 NVME PCLe SSD is a realistic stock collection system with amazing performance. With a red / write speed of up to 2,200 / 2,00MB / s1, the A2000 delivers 3 SATA SSD displays with fast packing time, low power consumption, and low temperature.

The A2000 SSD is intended for phase-level client, compact reason maker, DIY framework developer, and those who want to redesign their PC. With a small m.2 single-sided system, the A2000 operates at its maximum capacity when presented in an ultra book or sub-frame PC (SFF PC).

Samsung 980 500GB

Great opportunity to increase the power of your PC by 980. Whether you need a lift to play or a key weight drawing for a non-invasive task process, the 980 is an essential choice for an unusual SSD release, and everything is backed up by the new NVMe interface and the new PCLe 3.0. Keep your SSD running at an advanced level in the endless, predictable elite with full power mode. Unlock it with Samsung magic program to keep your SSD in flexible mode.

Crucial p5 plus 500GB PCle 4.0 3D NAND NVMe m.2 SSD

Designed for gamers, professionals and intellectuals who request high-quality signature processing. Based on our drive for advanced 3D NAND Micron and new standard design.
Estimated MTTF significantly more than 2 million hours to extend life expectancy and reliability. Limited warranty of 5 years or as far as possible tolerance 300 TBW.


The XPG S40G SSD highlights 512 Gb memory and in this way offers advanced bandwidth, expertise, and durability that makes it an ideal companion for gamers, PC fans. XPG offers solid world drives at various locations including 256Gb / 512GB / 1TB. Customize your gaming experience with an organized RGB lighting effect.

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