American heritage decorative stone

American Heritage is a smooth, multi-colored stone used primarily for decorative landscaping. We stock 2″ and 3/4″ sizes (approx). American Heritage is sold by the ton and is available for delivery or pickup at our yard. The following formula will help you calculate the approximate amount in tons.

Length (in feet) x Width (in feet) / 12 x Depth (in) / 18 = Tons

American Heirlooms are decorative rock types that are 1 1/2” large with mostly smooth stone edges.

> The stone is black and blue-grey in color with reflections of some red-orange terrain rocks.

> American Heritage is a great choice of field rock for hardscapes.

> 1 yard covers up to 100 square feet @ 2 inches deep and weighs approximately 2400 lbs.

Please note that natural stone varies in color and grain. Website photos may not represent actual batches of products. Please request a sample or photo of our current color range.
Stones are natural products and may change over time. Since the rocks are quarried, different colored veins can cause variations in the stone. Stop by for the most up-to-date stone samples.**



Advantages of installing decorative stone


• LESS WORK! Once installed, your decorative stone will last as long as you want. There is no need to add material every year as with mulch.
• RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Save time and money by not having to replace stone regularly unlike materials such as mulch. Properties with premium landscaping using decorative stone or aggregate tend to command higher home values, which is especially important in a competitive housing market.
• LIMIT APPEALS. Decorative landscaping stones will look amazing all year round whether it’s rainy, sunny, cloudy or somewhere in between, unlike mulch which will fade over time.
• UNIQUE APPEARANCE. Decorative stone, stones, aggregates, pavers and boulders come in almost every color pattern, shape and size you can dream of giving you almost endless possibilities and designs.
• BUGS AND RODENTS FREE. Unlike mulch, which can rot, mold, spoil, and hold water that attracts bugs, decorative stone does not. This helps ensure that the perimeter around your homes remains safe from unwanted visitors and damage.



  • Product bag

Bagged products are often easier and more convenient for weekend warriors. Not only are bagged materials easier to load and transport in the car, they are also easier to store until you are ready to complete your landscape project.

  • Outdoor kitchens Fireplaces and fireplaces

Outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and fireplaces are the perfect addition to any outdoor living space. These eye-catching conversation starters will be the envy of your party guests while you entertain them. From basic fire pit options if you prefer to sit by a warm fire, or extravagant designs with many functions to fulfill all your wishes.

  • Retaining walls

Blocks and retaining wall systems are structures that retain or retain soil. A variety of materials are used to construct retaining walls, such as concrete blocks, treated lumber, and rocks or boulders. The material held or supported by the retaining wall is known as backfill, its upper surface may be horizontal or inclined.

  • Erosion control

Straw blankets or erosion blankets are an excellent choice when seeding a new lawn for speed and quality. Straw blankets come in 8′ or 16′ widths and 112.5′ lengths to cover 900 square feet per roll. Erosion blankets are ideal on slopes and windy sites for their excellent ability to retain seeds during germination, reducing washout during heavy rains.

  • Landscape fabric

When choosing a weed barrier or landscape fabric, remember that the heavier the material, the stronger it will resist growing weeds. Fabric should be selected based on the material it will hold, placement in landscaping, and durability. If you can easily tear the landscape fabric, chances are it won’t stop the weeds.

  • Mulching

There are many options for mulching, and here at Bags and Bulk Landscape Supply Yard, we offer many options for hardwood mulch and other natural mulches, as well as colored environmental mulches. We produce or mulch most of them, otherwise they come directly from the source, ensuring you get the highest quality product at a fair price. We are working on adding more mulch options like Cedar and Hemlock along with possibly Rubber mulch in the future. Our products change throughout the year.

Need a little more information to help you make an informed decision about mulching? Click the link for an informative guide to mulching.

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