Beginner guide to custom wood keychains


Beginner guide to custom wood keychains

Custom wood keychains are great way to make your keys more unique and show off your personality. There are few things you should know before you start, but the rest of process is pretty simple.

Find the wood you like first. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be something that look good on your keys. Next chose the style of design you want.  You can choose something simple or more complicated.

Custom wood keychains?

Beginner guide to custom wood keychains

As a reminder of their travel, many people like to bring back a set of custom wood keychains. You can put any picture or text on these keychains, and they make great gifts for friends and family. is great place to find customized wood keychains of high quality. You can choose from a huge variety of style, materials, and colors, so you are to find the prefect gift for anyone.


 History of custom wood keychains

Custom wood keychains have been around for a long time. In fact, the oldest one we know of is from 1795. It has a handle made of carved ivory and a silver key ring. Over time, the style of these keychains changed, but they were always seen as way to make something nice and make it your own.

  1. Materials: what woods can be used for custom keychains?

Custom keychains can be made from four kind of wood; Brazilian rosewood, Ashwood, pine, and cherry wood. Each of these woods is great for making personalized keychains because it has its own special qualities.

Brazilian rosewood is known for its beautiful grain pattern and deep color. Ashwood is very strong and long-lasting wood, which makes it perfect for keychains that will gets a lot of use. Pine is a popular choice because it is soft and strong at the same time.

This makes it perfect for keychains that need to light but strong enough to last. Cherry wood is the best choice if you want something that look and feels natural. It has a slightly oily finish that makes it look like real wood.

Production: how do you make a custom wood keychain? make it easy to make your own wood keychains. To get started, all you need is a digital picture and their crafting tools. Choose the type of wood, color, and finish for your keychains, and then add your text or logo. They will make a full production plan for you and ship the finished product right to your door.

Customization: what types of customizations are available for custom wood keychains?

Customization is an important part of shopping online, and custom wood keychains are no different. Customers can design their own keychains and have them made to their exact specifications with this type of customization.

you can customize the keychains in a number of ways, such as by adding your own photos or text or by choosing the type of wood and finish. Some customization service even has deals for people who want to customize a lot of keychains at once.


In conclusion custom wood key chains are a great choice if you want something different to talk about or just want to give your key chains a little more personality. with a few easy steps and the help of a skilled craftsperson, you can get something that is completely yours

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