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This digital age has affected every aspect of our life and also increased (Bentcarrott com) the level of awareness of the population. The effects of digitization on the healthcare sector are staggering and have brought amazing things for doctor-patient interactions in the treatment of ailments.

Growing awareness leads to patients looking for solutions to their health problems Sometimes pharmaceutical companies are also able to raise awareness through their marketing campaigns. Endo International, through its marketing campaign for Xiaflex, did exactly the same in the United States.

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Peyronie’s disease:


It is difficult for people to talk about the condition with their doctor. Peyronie’s is one of them. The growth of a scar inside the penis that causes it to curve further than usual is called Peyronie’s disease. It can also cause discomfort during sexual activity and can occur as a result of injury to the body.

The FDA has approved Xiaflex for the treatment of this condition. Other options that can be considered for patients are surgical. According to Endo, the condition affects 10% of the population, but the rate of diagnosis is very low due to patients’ reluctance to accept treatment.


bentcarrott com:

An advertising campaign for Endo used a bent carrot as a metaphor for Peyronie’s disease and named a website after it. The company hopes to increase patient awareness by providing status information on the website.

The patient is able to understand his medical condition using the information available on site and can consult a urologist. The website provides details on the following topics:


Contains detailed information about Peyronies disease.

This page also provides information about the drug Xiaflex as well as the different stages of treatment for this injection.
The negative side effects of this drug and why people should not use this type of injection are also mentioned.


Bent Carrot as a com contribution to the treatment of Peyronie’s disease

The level of awareness about various diseases is still very low among a large part of the population. Endo’s advertising campaign uses all ways to reach people on all platforms.

The campaign uses bent carrot ads to inform people about the condition. The campaign uses prime time, streaming videos and the evening news to reach people. Social media, digital radio and radio advertising services will allow the company to reach a wider number of people.

The media reach of the campaign will increase website traffic and help people learn more about the disease and its treatment. and all the information it contains will play an important role in bringing patients and doctors together.

Endo conducted two years of research on patients suffering from Peyronie’s disease. He found that the disease takes 7 years for the average patient to become aware of it.


Final verdict

According to doctors, patients have to deal with a lot of problems and denial in society before they finally get to their doctor. We hope this endo advertising campaign will make people more aware of the disease and help them find a solution.






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