Best entertainment companies

Top 10 Entertainment Companies

The Best entertainment companies assiduity contains an surprisingly wide variety of companies involved in businesses similar as telecommunications services, TV, music, videotape games, and live musicales. While there are numerous niche players, the assiduity is dominated by large media companies. During the COVID- 19 epidemic, entertainment companies offering streaming videotape games and movie entertainment have thrived. But companies that run theme premises or offer live musicales have been hit hard.

These are the 10 largest entertainment companies by running 12- month profit( TTM). This list is limited to companies that are intimately traded in the US or Canada, either directly or through an ADR. Some foreign companies may report semi-annually and therefore may have longer detainments. All data courtesy of Y Charts as of September 8, 2020, except for request cap figures, which are as of September 9, 2020.

Please note Some of the stocks listed below are only traded over the counter( OTC) in the US, not on exchanges. Trading OTC stocks frequently incurs advanced trading costs than trading stocks on exchanges. This can reduce or indeed overweigh implicit returns.


 1 Comcast Corp. ( CMCSA)

Best entertainment companies
Best entertainment companies

profit( TTM)$105.6 billion


Net income( TTM)$11.5 billion


request cap$200.1 billion


Total return in 1 time-0.2


 Exchange NASDAQ


In the following decades, Comcast grew through combinations and accessions, buying major companies including media empire NBCUniversal, film patron DreamWorks Animation, and TV services company XUMO in the process. Comcast offers broadband, string and network TV, Internet streaming, telephone and other affiliated products, as well as TV and film product.


 2.The Walt DisneyCo.( DIS)

Best entertainment companies
Best entertainment companies


profit( TTM)$69.7 billion


Net income( TTM)-$1.1 billion


request cap$240.4 billion


Total return in 1 time-3.7


 Exchange New York Stock Exchange


Disney is a diversified global entertainment company that operates theme premises , resorts, voyage vessels, broadcast TV networks and other businesses. One of the company’s rearmost additions is its entertainment streaming service, Disney, which launched in the fall of 2019. The company produces a variety of new television and movie content for the service, in addition to furnishing streaming access to being content. Disney’s Parks, gests and Products member and its Media Networks member are its two largest sources of profit.


 3. Charter DispatchesInc.( CHTR)

Best entertainment companies
Best entertainment companies

profit( TTM)$46.6 billion


Net income( TTM)$2.3 billion


request cap$123.5 billion


1 Time Total Return44.0


 Exchange NASDAQ


Charter is a telecommunications company offering string, Internet and voice services to businesses and consumers in the US. The company’s Spectrum brand provides string television, Internet and home phone services to further than 30 million guests. Diapason Networks and Diapason Originals distribute news, sports and original programming.


 4. Viacom CBS Inc.( further)

Best entertainment companies
Best entertainment companies

profit( TTM)$32.8 billion


Net income( TTM)$2.3 billion


request cap$17.5 billion


Total return in 1 time-28.6


 Exchange NASDAQ


ViacomCBS is a global multimedia company, the product of the 2019 junction of CBS and Viacom. The company operates string networks, content product and distribution, TV stations, and digital streaming services, as well as a number of other online businesses and consumer publishing businesses.


 5. Bolloré SA( BOIVF)

Best entertainment companies
Best entertainment companies

profit( TTM)$27.7


Net income( TTM)$0.3 billion


request cap$11.2 billion


Total return in 1 time-7.9


 Exchange OTC


Bolloré SA is a diversified French holding company active in a wide range of diligence, including media and advertising. Bolloré is a major stakeholder in Vivendi, the French mass media empire, which is also included on this list. Bolloré is best known as a paper, transport and logistics company, although it’s also involved in energy distribution, rubber and win oil painting product.


 6. NetflixInc.( NFLX)

Best entertainment companies
Best entertainment companies

profit( TTM)$22.6 billion


Net income( TTM)$2.7 billion


request cap$222.7 billion


Total return in 1 time77.0


 Exchange NASDAQ


Netflix, one of the leading streaming services in the world, offers a wide range of television and movie entertainment services. Firstly grounded on DVD reimbursement services, Netflix now derives utmost of its business profit from a subscription- grounded streaming model. In recent times, the company has also dramatically increased its product of original film programming and won a number of Oscars. These original pictures and shows have been important to its profit dominance in the entertainment streaming assiduity.


 7. Vivendi SA( VIVHY)

Best entertainment companies
Best entertainment companies

profit( TTM)$17.8 billion


Net income( TTM)$2.0 billion


request cap$33.1 billion


Total return in 1 time4.7


 Exchange OTC


Vivendi is a French mass media empire that provides entertainment content and services across multiple platforms. The company provides digital and pay television services, develops and distributes interactive entertainment, provides telecommunications services and further. One of Vivendi’s largest accessories is Universal Music Group, which is one of the world’s largest music companies and is home to dozens of music markers.


 8. NintendoCo.Ltd.( NTDOY)

Best entertainment companies
Best entertainment companies

profit( TTM)$13.8 billion


Net income( TTM)$3.2 billion


request cap$65.3 billion


Total return in 1 time49.6


 Exchange OTC

Japanese entertainment company Nintendo develops and sells videotape game tackle and software. One of the most honored and established brands in the growing videotape game assiduity, Nintendo’s rearmost releases include popular titles like Animal Crossing New Horizons and the Zelda and Super Mario votes.


 9. DISH NetworkCorp.( DISH)

Best entertainment companies
Best entertainment companies

profit( TTM)$12.8 billion


Net income( TTM)$1.3 billion


request cap$17.4 billion


Total return in 1 time-0.8


 Exchange NASDAQ


DISH offers direct satellite TV subscriptions, as well as interactive TV programs, audio programs and affiliated products. Through the cooperation, the company also offers Internet and other services in packages. The company’s Sling television videotape streaming service competes with Netflix and Amazon.


10. Fox Corp. (FOXA)

Best entertainment companies
Best entertainment companies

Revenue (TTM): $12.3 billion


Net income (TTM): $1.0 billion


Market cap: $16.8 billion


Total return in 1 year: -16.3%


Exchange: NASDAQ


Fox Corp.  The company distributes its programming through broadcast and cable television, direct satellite services and online video streaming platforms. Fox also manages production facilities including studios, sound stages, editing rooms and theaters.


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