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Gaskets BLUE-MAX

Allstate Gasket provides a complete line of Blue Max Gaskets sizes in OVAL and ROUND shapes.
From 3″ x 2″ to 22″ x 12″. Contact Allstate for volume discounts, custom seals, or seals of any size or shape.

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  • Easy installation
  • Easy removal – Teflon!
  • Chemical resistance – inert to most chemicals
  • For rough surfaces – conformal

Extra long life

The long-

standing industry standard for the most improved flange seal. Blue Max boiler Gaskets are made of a special glass/elastomer impregnated adhesive fabric. To facilitate assembly, the seals have clearly marked dimensions. These super strong gaskets resist splitting due to overtightened flange faces.

Blue-Max® boiler Gaskets give you all the benefits of an asbestos seal without the health risks. Blue-Max® seals are made from a proprietary adhesive fabric of glass synthetic fibers and brass wire and impregnated with a blue elastomeric compound.

Zero Leakage Under Pressure –

Tests by major boiler manufacturers confirm that Blue-Max® Gaskets leak – with zero leakage in steam up to 450 psi and cold water hydrotests up to 1500 psi, and Blue-Max® withstands operating temperatures up to 500 psi. degrees Fahrenheit. Rubber seals cannot withstand such pressure and heat.


  • Refractory tiles
  • Seal kits
  • Diffusers
  • Burner housings
  • Front interior door
  • Topog-E® gasket
  • BLUE-MAX® Gaskets
  • BLACK-MAX® Gaskets
  • Red line glass
  • Reflective measuring glass
  • Accessories and other parts

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Remove the old gasket and thoroughly clean the cover
plate flange, ring or casing surfaces.


Place the Blue-Max gasket on the cover plate and make sure the gasket is
it is pressed tight and flat around the shoulder.
Note: If the lap of the plates is rounded and sealing is difficult
hold in place with Blue-Max Sta-Ons. (Do not use any lubricant,
sealants or lubricants) will ensure that one side of the Gaskets does not
slide back onto the arm during installation and cause premature
failure on pressure build-up.

Step 3

Install the cover plate in the opening and then build the crab/s. Tightening
nut(s) with your fingers, making sure that the inside diameter of the gasket is
evenly centered around the inner edge of the ring or shell.
Note: If the cover plate is too small for the hole in the boiler, this is easy
to place the cover plate off-center. A misaligned plate will do the same
occurrence as previously described in step 2.

Step 4

Tighten the nut(s) with a wrench approximately ½ turn. When the gaskets are in place as described above. Torque setting up to
Gasket sizes 6″ x 8″ up to 60 feet. pounds; and torque settings above them
sizes are 120 feet. lbs.
Note: All double crab plates should be alternately tightened.
ie: 40-80-120 ft. lbs.

Step 5

Fill and light the boiler.
Note: If the gasket leaks when filling the boiler, do not tighten the nut(s).
The soft rubber compound under the PTFE cures with heat
rubber for filling pits sealing irregular surfaces. During this curing
it is not uncommon for this process to leak.

Step 6

Once the boiler has warmed up to operating temperature
and pressure, let the boiler run for four hours.
After this time, retighten any leaking seals just enough to stop the leak.


Extra care must be taken when installing the gasket on the bottom part
boiler shell. Small particles of scale or sand that run down the tent
contact surface between the moment of cleaning the surface and the cover
the board is inserted into place ready to be tightened.


Blue-Max boiler Gaskets are sold and designed for use on steam boilers.
Recommendations for the use of Blue-Max boiler Gaskets are based on tests
believed reliable. Because their installation and use is beyond our control
cannot guarantee results whether such use is compliant or not
with these instructions. We hereby disclaim any liability.

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