Easy ways to lose weight naturally

Easy ways to lose weight naturally

Easy ways to lose weight naturally

In today world of automation can be daunting task, but it is certainly not impossible. Because nothing is more important than body. A little bit of body fat certainly doesn’t look bad. Butt as the fat build up you realize that its getting out of hand. But doesn’t mean you cant try. Don’t lose confidence at all. Because it takes confidence get back the figure you want. In this article we will tell you easy ways to lose weight naturally.

Here are some easy ways to weight loss naturally 

In this article we will learn exactly what are the home remedies for lose weight.

1.      Water

Easy ways to lose weight naturally

If anyone asks you to suggest weight lose measures, you can use water first in weight lose measure. Drinking water is beneficial. Water intake makes thee body more hydrated, which help in weight lose


2.      Honey and lime

Easy ways to lose weight naturally

You can use honey and lemon in weight lose remedy. If you want to lose your weight then start it as soon as possible then you will definitely get benefits from it. The vitamin c in lemon and the antioxidants in honey are effective for weight lose. If you drink honey and lemonade every morning on empty stomach, you will soon see effect. The maximum of lemon and honey is not used for reduce weight  but also for maintaining weight balance.

3.      Green tea

Easy ways to lose weight naturally

Consumption of green tea for loss weight is also beneficial. If you want to lose naturally you need some habits. Green tea is beneficial for weight lose as well as for weight control. The actual green tea contains catechins and caffeine, which are used to reduce weight and to help with weight gain. Green tea is a simple and easy way to lose . Also women can be included in the remedies for reduce weight

4.      Tomato

Easy ways to lose weight naturally

You can used tomatoes for loss weight. Real tomatoes are low in calories and sodium. It also high water content. It also has a diuretic effect. These same nutrients and properties in tomatoes  make it useful for lose weight.

5.      Cucumber

Easy ways to lose weight naturally

You can used cucumber for loss weight. It can be included in real low calories foods. Because it contains a lot of water. This Is why you should used cucumber based on your paleo diet. Eating cucumber keeps the stomach full and does not overeat.

Diet chart for weight lose.


First of all, remember to have a hearty breakfast. Eat half of it in the afternoon and less at night. Lets find out what breakfast, lunch and dinner should be like as  remedy for reduce  weight.

Breakfast in the morning

One glass of hot water when you wake up inn the morning.

6 o’ clock – fenugreek seed water

7 or 8 pm – modified greens, gram or salad, oats + lassi / buttermilk / juice + fruit.


Between 12 and 2 – 1 cup amti + 1 thin poli + greens + cucumber and tomato salad



7 o’clock – a glass of lemon water (without salt and sugar)

At 8 or 9 o’clock 1 pound off protein or dried fruits or salt – yogurt without sugar.


Do not let your body become dehydrated during diet. For this you need to keep your body hydrated at all times. The more water you drink, the higher your metabolism will be. However, this does not mean drinking too much water. Divided by 10 according to your body weight and subtract 2 from it, the same number of litter of water must go into  the stomach.

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