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Today I’m going to forgo my usual fantasy thinking to try and answer some questions for the Entertainer Blogger Award. Thanks to Kayla at Kdrew the book worm for nominating me! You can go check out her amazing blog and her answers here.




Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

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So here are my answers:


  1. Why

    did you start a blog in the first place?


Ah, so many reasons, but I’ll try to keep it short. I was basically writing a novel and friends kept telling me “you should blog” and saying it would be good to regularly write things and chat with people online. I was very doubtful because I didn’t know anything about blogging. Why would anyone want to read my blog? What would I even write about? When I got some good advice, I was ready to dismiss the idea—that I should take it as a learning experience, write about something I enjoy, and not worry so much about whether it resonates with anyone.


Since I love to read all kinds of fantasy books and analyze and talk about the genre, I decided to do it on my blog. To my surprise, I really enjoyed it and enjoyed reading other blogs. And since then I’ve just been doing it!


  1. What is your favorite book?


This is so hard to answer because I have so many favorites… normally I would pick a Harry Potter book because it’s such a pivotal and nostalgic series for me, but it seems too easy… so I’ll pick two other books. that I love pieces that work as “stand-alones” (even though the first one is part of a series, it’s pretty self-contained) – one fantasy and one sci-fi:


  1. What do you dislike the most?


Hmm… I don’t like a lot of things, but to pick a random one, I’ll say: people who argue with (or are rude to) strangers for no good reason. I’ll never understand why they get so kicked out of ruining everyone else’s day!


  1. What is your favorite food at the mall?


At the risk of sounding like Chief Wiggum…donuts. I rarely eat donuts, but when I go to the mall, it’s hard for me to pass a donut stand without buying one. I especially love donut holes with cinnamon and sugar 🙂


  1. What is your favorite

    past time?


I’m going to exclude reading, writing and blogging here because it seems too obvious… so I’ll say cycling. No extreme mountain biking or dedicated racing cycling or anything, just relaxed country bike trips. When I go on a bike trip, I can explore in peace… and I also just love the feeling of the wind in my face!


Although if you have already done it or want to skip it, of course feel free


Does anyone have an interesting answer to one of these? I’d love to hear it in the comments. I’m especially interested in what people’s favorite foods are in malls. Such a strange questioN



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