French foodie in Dublin Irish food blog tours and events

French foodie in Dublin Irish food blog tours and events


French foodie in Dublin Irish
French foodie in Dublin Irish

French foodie in Dublin Irish food blog tours and events: Irish food is famous for its diversity and abundance, from world-class dinging to traditional pubs. The capital also boasts several small and independent restaurants that offer excellent meals at fair prices. If you are looking for a taste of France or want to discover the best of Dublin’s French food scene, this guide for you.

In the past, however it was virtually unknown here. That is partly because France was hostile territory for those who fled there, searching for a better life. it was also associated with wines and food that were heavily taxed and unhealthy.

What is French cuisine?

What is French cuisine?
What is French cuisine?

The cuisine of France can be described as follows: hearty, rich and full of flavor.  It is also characterized by simplicity and reliance on high quality, fresh ingredients. Sticking to simple, fresh ingredients is what makes French cuisine so great. It is frequently associated with freshness and health.  The types of foods you will find at a French restaurant in Dublin are typically healthy choices.

What can you order at a French restaurant in Dublin?

At a French restaurant in Dublin, you will often find a wide variety of choices.  There are plenty of options for starters, including the famous escargot. For main courses you will find everything from steak frites to sole bourguignon. For desert look out for sauces pâtissiers, cream Brule or ganache.

Best French foodie in Dublin Irish food blog tours and events

Located in the city or the northside, you will find Dublin’s best selection of French restaurants. However, most of the city’s French restaurants are in the city center, so if you are looking for more rural experience, you might have to drive a few miles out of town. You will find more French restaurants in the country outlying areas.

Where to find the worst French food in Dublin

As with any cuisine, authentic French cooking will be lighter on the stomach due to the lower amounts of fat, salt, and cholesterol found in the food.  However, check out the fusion restaurants if you are looking for the very least authentic experience available.

These restaurants combine elements of various cuisines to create a new and unique experience. You will find fusion in plenty of fancy restaurants.  But you will also find it at more affordable spots where the emphasis is on quality rather than quantity.

What is the future of French food in Ireland?

A lot of attention has been paid to the revival of French culture in Ireland. With the withdrawal of the British and the fall of the provisional IRA, a lot of the stigma and discrimination that were formerly attached to this culture has gone.


If you are looking for a treat for the entire family, a great place to start looking is at the casual French place in your city. There is no reason you can’t enjoy French food in Dublin at the same time as your family. With a few adjustments, you can get an authentic experience without playing a lot for it.

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