Full form of A.M and P.M

What’s A.M. and P.M. full form

The full form of A.M. is the Anti Meridiem, used in the 12- hour timepiece system, representing Before Noon. The entire form of P.M. is Post Meridiem, used in the 12- hour timepiece system to represent After Noon.

MORNING. and P.M. ( long form of A.M. and P.M.) are used to distinguish between day and darkness in a 12- hour time zone. 24 hours a day is divided into two sections of 12 hours each. The first 12 hours are from night to noon and are listed as A.M. The alternate 12- hour period runs from noon to night and is indicated by P.M.

For illustration

When I say that I’ll come at 7o’clock, it may be confusing for some that it’s 7o’clock in the morning or 7o’clock in the evening. therefore, AM and PM are used in the 12- hour timepiece system to separate.
Language P.M. MORNING. full form
The term meridiem means” noon”
figure means Before
Post means Mon

The term Ante Meridiem- AM means” before noon”

Post Meridiem- PM means” after noon”
PM Represents the time from noon to just before night.( 1200 to 2359)

AM Represents the time from night to noon.( from 1200 to 1159).


timepieces that follow the 12- hour format must include terms similar as AM and PM. In this composition we talked about the terms and what they mean. The 12- hour system helps divide the 24 hours of the day into two 12- hour ages, simply put AM and PM. You can also explore other intriguing motifs on Splash Learn.


How do I know it’sA.M. or PM from 24 hour format?

From 0000 to 1159( in 24- hour format) the time is shown asA.M. Between 1200 and 2359( in 24- hour format) the time is represented asP.M. MORNING. stands for Ante Meridiem andP.M. means Post Meridiem.

Do we subsidize AM and PM?

We can write the words A.M. and P.M. both lowercase and uppercase.

What time is considered the launch of a new day?

Most frequently, night is considered the morning of a new day, because it’s associated with the hour 0000.

When are AM and PM not used?

When using 24- hour time, theA.M. suggestion andP.M. aren’t used because hours 1- 12┬ádon’t┬árepeat.




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