How to Become a Psychologist A Career Guide

Psychologists are professionals who probe, diagnose, and treat cerebral problems and behavioral dysfunctions that arise from or are related to physical and internal health. In addition, psychologists play an important part in promoting healthy  precluding complaint, and perfecting cases’ quality of life. In 2020, Delhi University alone enrolled further than1.5 L scholars in psychology. Psychology has come a largely sought after profession these days as more and more emphasis is placed on internal health.

In order to become a psychologist, aspiring campaigners must pass the class 12 board examinations with a minimal score of 55 or original CGPA. After clearing the class 12 board test, campaigners can choose to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate psychology courses in Top Psychology Colleges in India like BA in Psychology or BSc in Psychology etc. Admissions to these sodalities are generally done on the base of entrance examinations like is eg DUET, BHU PET, GATE etc. still some sodalities give admission grounded on merit as well. The average education figure for these courses is between INR,000- per annum.

Qualifications needed to come a psychologist

The main qualifications needed to become a psychologist are listed below for your reference,

Aspiring campaigners must have passed class 12 board examinations in any discipline from a honored board with a minimal aggregate score of 50 or over.
campaigners have to appear for several entrance examinations to get admission in top psychology sodalities like DUET, JNUEE, CUET etc.

aspirants must have completed scale as well as postgraduate studies similar as BA in Psychology, B.Sc. in Psychology, M.A. Psychology, etc.

Campaigners who want to acquire fresh chops choose to take instrument courses or parchment courses.
campaigners have to choose a combination of subjects like Social Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy, Criminology etc.

Steps to getting a psychologist

To be a psychologist, campaigners must complete certain way including education, needed experience, etc. The table below details the way necessary to come a successful psychologist,

Step 1 – Completion of Graduation campaigners must have attained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology offered by top sodalities in India similar as BA in Psychology, B.SC in Psychology. This will produce a solid foundation to start your career.

Step 2 – Get applicable work experience After completing their university studies, campaigners are good to work as a psychologist. They can get work experience through colorful externships or by helping someone in council. This will give campaigners hands- on experience and help you understand the work culture.

Step 3 – Specialize with a Master’s Degree campaigners can conclude for a Master’s degree to gain a deeper understanding of the subject. It’s possible to choose specialization in applicable fields like clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, experimental psychology, educational volume etc.

Step 4 – Consider a PhD If campaigners are pursuing a career as a clinical psychologist, they must complete a PhD in psychology. This will make you an expert in your sphere. Doctoral degrees generally last roughly 4 to 8 times.

Step 5 – gain applicable instruments campaigners to be a guru must register. Rehabilitation Council of India( RCI) provides instrument to campaigners of sodalities universities combined to it. However, the aspirant must apply independently after completing the course, If the council isn’t combined.


How to come a psychologist

To come a psychologist in India, campaigners have to start their medication right from the academy position. After passing 12th, campaigners can choose to pursue council courses like BA in Psychology or Maids in Psychology from top sodalities across the country. campaigners also have the option of taking fresh courses similar as instrument or parchment courses to gain fresh knowledge and encounter up on their chops. campaigners can also complete a postgraduate course in psychology followed by a doctorate to exercise as a clinical psychologist.

School Level Preparation In order to come a psychologist, the way to be followed are given below
seeker must have completed 12th with minimal total of 50 or further from a honored university
seeker must choose a specialization like Sociology, Philosophy, Social Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy and Social Welfare or Criminology, Forensic Science and Criminology etc.
Applicants need to start preparing for the entrance examinations to get into the top sodalities across the country. campaigners can appear for the following entrance examinations like BHU PET, DUET, IPU CET etc.

How to come a psychologist after 12th

College Preparation Some of the crucial way to follow to come a psychologist after completing your 12th board examinations are listed below for your reference.

An pushing seeker must concentrate on clearing the entrance examinations to enroll in the undergraduate programs at the top sodalities.

campaigners can pursue undergraduate programs in B.A or B.Sc. course. campaigners can also enroll in indispensable courses similar as instrument or parchment courses to develop a deep understanding of the subject and gain specialization in the field.

During their undergraduate courses, campaigners should concentrate on developing a deep understanding of colorful subjects similar as psychology, behavioral patterns, etc.

Campaigners must maintain a minimal total of 50 or further to be eligible for postgraduate courses.
Postgraduate training The crucial way to follow to come a psychologist after completing undergraduate courses are aspirants after completing their bachelorette’s degree can start preparing for entrance examinations to enroll in a graduate program.

Campaigners have to choose their specialization according to their preference or the field they want to exercise as a psychologist like artificial psychologist, clinical psychologist, counsellor, child psychologist and numerous further.

Candidates can choose to do internships, paid or unpaid, to gain some industry knowledge while studying in college.

After completing the graduate program, the candidate can take doctoral courses if they want to practice as a clinical psychologist.


Advantages and disadvantages of becoming a psychologist

Every career has its fair share of pros and cons. Some of the major pros and cons of becoming a psychologist are listed below for your reference,


Benefits of becoming a psychologist


Rewarding Career: Psychologists help people learn to cope with disorders, disabilities, and overcome mental and emotional illness.

Earn a potentially high salary: Psychologists earn a potentially high salary for their time and effort, which increases steadily with qualification and experience.

Meet new types of people: Being a psychologist gives you the opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life.

Disadvantages of becoming a psychologist


Emotionally demanding: The job of a psychologist can be emotionally draining because the person seeing a counselor has to open up and share their experiences, struggles, pain and confront emotions which can be emotionally demanding for the psychologist. A psychologist must be emotionally available to his patient, even when the patient is angry or disrespectful.

It takes time and hard work: Becoming a psychologist is not an easy task. Becoming one requires a lot of hard work and study. Even after completing three years as an undergraduate, 2 years in the field, and 3-4 years in a PhD, it still takes time to establish yourself as a recognized psychologist.


Frequently asked questions


What do psychologists do?


Ans. The main responsibilities of psychologists include:

Listen to patients
Help patients identify their problems and possible solutions to those problems
Develop coping strategies
Boost self-confidence
Promote optimal mental health


What are the areas of recruitment of psychologists?


Ans. Areas of recruitment for psychologists are:

  • Mental health facility
  • Substance Abuse Centers
  • Private practice


Is being a psychologist a good career choice?


Ans. The career of a psychologist is slowly developing. This career is good for those who want to express their opinions in a creative way. Apart from this, the salary structure is also decent.


Can a psychologist work as a freelancer?


Ans. Yes, psychologists can work on a freelance basis. It will give them great exposure. There are several online portals that hire consultants to work as freelancers.


What skills are needed to be a psychologist?


Ans. The skills needed to become a psychologist are:

  • Communication
  • Observation skills
  • Emotional stability
  • Confidence


Is it hard to become a psychologist?


Ans. A candidate has to work really hard to become a psychologist. Along with studying and gathering knowledge, students must also work on improving their skills.









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