Crypto currency is growing at an alarming rate, as is the purchase of electric vehicles. There are thousands of different cryptos, with more being added every day!


Hundreds of thousands of people traded these coins, trying to judge the market during the buying and selling process. However, there are many crypto owners around the world who want to use their crypto.


Throughout 2021 the adoption of cryptocurrency has spread like wildfire. A growing number of businesses are looking for ways to earn crypto money. Thanks to Elon Musk and Tesla, many car businesses have always wanted to jump on board, but not as easy as they might think.


Crypto owners jumped at the chance to buy Tesla when Bitcoin payments were announced, but it didn’t take long. Tesla has found a backlash from this due to the natural impact of Bitcoin. This has stimulated the growth of crypto-friendly eco-friendly currencies such as Litecoin and Nano.


What if you want to buy an electric car with crypto?


Auto Coin Cars is the first marketplace of its kind. It is a crypto car market.


More than 500 car dealers across the UK have partnered with Auto Coin Cars since its inception, and we continue to find new partners every day. Traders market their stocks as they would any other platform like Auto Trader or Motors.


The main difference that makes Auto Coin Cars stand out is the “unique service they provide”, which allows customers to make money with cryptocurrency. Not only that, but they remove the crypto-related risks for both car dealers and customers by processing payments.


Suppose you have enough cryptocurrency, like Litecoin or Nano, to buy an electric car, but how do you do it?


First, search the Auto Coin Cars marketplace for the electric car model and model you want. For example, the Tesla Model 3.


Second, you ask about the car, and they will contact the sellers to let you know about your purchase. As with any purchase, you can plan to take a look at it, ask a variety of questions, and check out the model etc.


Once you are happy with the car, the seller will send Auto Coin Cars the invoice amount. They will then offer you a car discount on your chosen crypto, (from our approved crypto) based on a live market rating.


Then a test sale is requested for security to ensure that the correct crypto wallet is used and that the source of funding is legal. Once this is done you can pay the rest for the currency of your choice.


From there, Auto Coin Cars handles the rest; they pay a full invoice to the seller. As soon as that is done you can take your new electric car home. It’s that easy!


5 easy steps to buy an electric car with crypto summarized:


  • Choose a car
  • Ask and select the crypto payment option
  • Look at the car
  • Pay invoice with Auto Coin Cars
  • Take the car home


If you want to buy an electric car with cryptocurrency in the UK, check out the stock at Auto Coin Cars or contact them for more information.



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