how to style a leather jacket

How to wear a leather jacket: 4 ways to style leather jackets

One of the mainstays of outerwear, the leather jacket comes with aesthetic appeal and practical utility. Learn more about how to style a leather jacket outfit.

What is a leather jacket?

A leather jacket is an outer garment made of durable leather with a cut at the waist. The durability and warmth of leather offers a wide range of uses, and even the most basic leather jacket styles have an aesthetic appeal. Leather jackets are traditionally made of cowhide, but can also be made of goat, lamb, or sheep. Artificial leather options include synthetic or plant-based materials.


5 types of leather jackets

A leather jacket can complement various outfits, and play secondary and leading roles in an ensemble. Consider the following types of leather jackets and how to wear them:

  1. Retro Jacket:

One of the most classic and iconic looks of the leather biker jacket was popularized by the 1953 film The Wild One starring Marlon Brando. The black leather jacket in the film has asymmetric zip and turn-down lapels. Some versions have additional studs, zipped pockets and a badge on the back. Wear this jacket with dark denim, aviator shades, and leather boots for a classic style that creates a retro look.

  1. Racing jacket:

Leather racing jackets (also known as café racer jackets or moto jackets) have a stand-up collar and a fitted, streamlined design – often with a small zipped pocket on one side of the chest. Inspired by European motorcycle jacket styles of the 1960s, the racing jacket is the ultimate leather jacket for an understated, smart style and will go well with black jeans and sneakers or even a pair of rugged khakis.

  1. Fleece Lined Jacket:

When the temperatures drop, a leather jacket with a fleece lining is a practical option to wear outside. Some leather jackets have a shearling lining that offers a combination of a suede exterior and a warm wool interior. Other options include quilted interiors. Many leather riding jackets are specially designed to protect against gusts of cold air.

  1. Flight Jacket:

The flight jacket is an early version of the famous bomber or flight jacket. It has a rugged leather exterior and knitted cuffs around the waist and wrists to keep the warmth inside. These leather bomber jackets go well with jeans and sneakers or boots.

  1. Military Jacket:

A military or field jacket has a slightly longer cut that reaches just past the waist. This style is versatile and pairs well with loose or skinny jeans and combat boots or leather work boots. This long cut jacket is a good choice for winter as it provides fashionable warmth.

4 tips for styling leather jackets

Leather jackets can be worn casually or dressed up to make a bold statement. Consider the following style tips for leather jackets:

  1. Go for an elegant, all-black look. Wear a black leather jacket with leather pants, boots or pumps.
  2. Play with bright colors. Leather jackets come in a variety of colors. A bright red leather jacket, navy blue leather jacket or even a lemon yellow option can be an eye-catching accent on top of a more relaxed ensemble. Consider pairing with muted colored trousers and shoes and let your skin shine.
  3. Try a worn-in style. Some leather jackets, whether from their age or the stressful process of artificially aging them, have a great, worn look. You can even find this look in some faux leather jackets. Pair a distressed leather jacket with a pair of cuffed jeans and a dark sweater to exude sophistication.
  4. Layer the skin. You can layer a brown leather jacket over a sweatshirt for a comfortable, casual look. A fitted suede jacket with clean lines goes well with a simple white T-shirt.


how to style a leather jacket
how to style a leather jacket


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