how to style a tennis skirt

Wearing Tennis Skirts: 6 Ways to Style Tennis Skirts

A tennis skirt is a comfortable form of sport that makes for a cute outfit off the tennis court.

What is a tennis skirt?

The tennis skirt is an athletic skirt made from breathable, lightweight materials that maximize comfort and flexibility for the tennis player on the tennis court. Generally, tennis skirts are short—twelve to fourteen inches long—and have pleats to aid mobility. Tennis skirts with built-in shorts for coverage and function are known as tennis skorts. In addition to practical sportswear, pleated tennis skirts are fashionable outside the tennis courts. You can wear tennis skirts to create a sporty, elegant or retro look with different outfit combinations.

How to choose a tennis skirt

Consider the length, material, and style of the tennis skirt and whether you plan to play the sport on or off the tennis court.


A tennis miniskirt is a low-cut skirt with a short length, usually falling about six inches above the knee. Instead, you can opt for a high-waisted tennis skirt with more fabric that sits higher on the waist, usually around the belly button.


Look for tennis skirts with an elasticated waist for comfort and flexibility. For on-court athletic use, be sure to use a tennis skirt made from a breathable, sweat-resistant fabric such as stretch knit, nylon, or spandex. Tennis skirts in cotton or khaki materials offer a more structured look for everyday wear.


The A-line skirt offers a flattering silhouette, especially for off-court wear. The tennis shorts have a close-fitting, stretchy shorts and a separate front flap that creates a skirt look. Pleated tennis skirts have folded fabric panels for mobility. Pleated miniskirts are practical sportswear as well as stylish streetwear.

6 ways to style a tennis skirt

Consider the following outfit ideas for tennis skirts:

  1. Look athletic off the court. Wear a white tennis skirt with a polo shirt for a trendy tennis style.
  2. Pair with a tank for a summer outfit. Tennis skirts are a staple of summer fashion and you can pair a tennis skirt with a tank top, crop top or sports bras. Play with contrasting colors – a white skirt goes well with a colored or patterned top.
  3. Go for a preppy, more professional look. Tuck a button-down shirt into a plaid tennis skirt and layer a blazer, cardigan or cardigan over the shirt for a smart look.
  4. Wear a baggy sweatshirt. The contrast of a mini tennis skirt and an oversized hoodie or sweatshirt can create a fun, casual outfit.
  5. Combine with a long-sleeved shirt. A more fitted long-sleeve shirt tucked into a tennis skirt creates a classic look.
  6. Try a graphic tee and cap. Wear a black tennis skirt, a graphic tee and a black wide-brimmed hat for an edgier look.


how to style a tennis skirt
how to style a tennis skirt


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