how to style khaki pants

How to Style Khaki Pants: Styling Tips for Khaki Pants

Knowing how to style khaki pants in different ways will allow you to get the most out of this versatile garment. Learn the do’s and don’ts of wearing khaki pants and how to incorporate them into a range of outfit ideas.

What are khakis?

Khakis are trousers made of thick cotton twill that can be either flat or pleated. They feature a classic khaki color, slightly yellow-beige, and have long been a wardrobe staple in men’s and women’s fashion. Khakis can make you look sharp and professional or fun and casual depending on the outfit, but either way, make sure they’re not too loose and that they fit your frame well. Otherwise, the hollows may give off an atmosphere. Check out these matching tips to find out how to achieve a refined and sophisticated look with khaki pants.

What are the differences between khakis and chinos?

It’s easy to confuse khaki pants with chinos. Both pants are made of cotton twill and elements of the traditional preppy style. However, there are several differences between these two types of pants, even though they overlap in appearance and function:


Chinos come in a wider variety of colors than khaki. Chinos can be blue, green, black, or beige; khakis are always beige.

Design and Stitching:

Khakis usually have hem cuffs and visible stitching, while chinos do not.


Traditionally, a pair of khaki pants has a looser fit than chinos. Chinos often have a tapered, trendy look.


Khakis tend to be thicker and heavier than chinos.

How to style khaki pants

Despite its reputation as the epitome of business casual, khakis can be versatile. Here are some styling tips to help you incorporate pants into your next outfit:

  1. Become a classic product. Try wearing khakis with a polo shirt, loafers and a leather belt (if the belt matches the shoes) for a classic golf club look.
  2. Contrasting colors and fabrics. Since khakis are a neutral color, they pair well with bright colors whether you dress them up or down. They are similarly forgiving when paired with differently textured fabrics. Consider trying a leather jacket or denim jacket with a structured shirt to create a mix of looks in one look.
  3. Put on your pants. Khakis can work in a more casual outfit when paired with t-shirts or hoodies and trainers. Alternatively, make khaki pants more relaxed by double rolling the legs up. (If you know how to button up jeans, the method is similar.)
  4. Go for a more formal look. Make your khakis part of your work outfit by tucking in a button-down shirt and layering a sweater or jacket on top.
  5. Try a monochromatic ensemble. Khaki looks good in combination with other earth tones such as olive green or brown. Experiment with creating transitions from head to toe.


how to style khaki pants
how to style khaki pants


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