how to style plaid pants

What to wear with plaid pants

Investing in plaid pants is a great and almost foolproof way to add some spice to your wardrobe. The plaid pattern has been around for a while and is especially popular for corporate environments. The pattern is most popular in the fall, but you can wear it all year round depending on what you style it with.

These trousers are versatile and can go with any style, whether you want to look smart, smart, eccentric or just want to be in a relaxed casual look. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what to wear with plaid pants for women.

With a matching jacket

Wearing a jacket that matches your plaid pants will instantly enhance your look by completing a plaid suit.

There is a name for pairing trousers that go with a jacket, a suit of course. Every woman should own one, whether relaxed or tailored, as a suit is an easy and quick way to look well put together as the pieces come as a pair.

A plaid suit can be very classy and is a classic that women have been wearing to work and events for years. You can style a plaid suit with a camisole, tank top or blouse underneath. You also have the option of wearing the suit on its own over a bralette.

A suit with a subtle check pattern often seems too serious for a fun girl, so different brands have come up with bolder and more fun suits that have a more visible check pattern. These make a cool casual cut.

When wearing a plaid pantsuit, less color is the easiest way to keep it classy. You have the option to go with sneakers instead of heels for a casual chic look.

With a crop top

A crop top and plaid pants combo is not only fun but can also give you a youthful look. The key is to find high-waisted plaid pants that balance out the shorter length of the top.

Different crop tops can bring a different feel and style to this look. Crop tops are a nice way to dress up plaid pants, especially when they’re flowy. If you want to be casual, then feel free to wear a flowy crop top and checkered pants that are bolder in color.

A crop top can also look more elegant with plaid pants if you go for fitted solid colors. If you choose lace crop tops and add a pair of heels, you can look even more elegant with this combination.

If you’re worried about your midriff, then the best way to wear this look is to make sure there’s no gap between the top and the plaid pants. There are different color combinations, although they are all checkered. Some are bold, some are subtle. If you have larger hips or thick thighs, the best way to wear plaids is in a darker shade.

Opt for high-waisted pants and add heels to give the illusion of height. Therefore, you will end up looking taller in plaid pants.

With a white button

Every woman should own at least one plain white button down shirt, if not many, as it is that classy wardrobe staple that will never let you down. It fits in any environment, whether you are going to dinner, to the office, to work, to school or even to a fashion event.

You can wear plaid pants with a neatly tucked white button down, complete with heels for this type of office-appropriate outfit. Swap heels for trousers or ballet flats for a more elegant look with the same combination. Colors like gray and other neutrals work best for this.

A white button-up can be worn more playfully with checkered trousers. Choose a larger check pattern in a bold color and swap your shoes for sneakers, boots or sandals.

You can wear plaid pants with a white button-down shirt and cinch your waist with a wide belt. While heels are the easiest way to smarten up plaid pants, other options like loafers and mules work too.

With a plain t-shirt

When you choose to wear plaid pants with a plain t-shirt, you have the freedom to decide whether your outfit is smart, corporate, casual or edgy just by choosing your shoes.

It’s hard to recommend an outfit pairing without recommending a plain t-shirt. Just like the basic button-down, the plain t-shirt is a classic, timeless piece that goes with just about everything.

So a plain t-shirt will make your life easier when you need to get dressed. Since plaid pants can be a statement piece, a basic t-shirt gives an outfit a cleaner look by keeping it simple and allowing you to experiment with everything else, including accessories.

It is a minimalistic look because it combines classic colors, i.e. only black and white. The best accessory for such a look would be a black or white structured bag, although the beauty of black and white is that they allow you to add a pop of color as well.

With cable knit sweater

Plaid pants can be playful, so pairing them with an old-school turtleneck will add a touch of class to your outfit and make your look stronger.

Cable knit sweaters are great pieces to add to your wardrobe, especially in the colder months. Traditional cable knit sweaters are also viewed as modest pieces of clothing because they cover most of the upper body.


how to style plaid pants
how to style plaid pants


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