Hyamira Forte

Hyamira Forte is an innovative aesthetic padding, manufactured by Apharm in Italy, which uses the natural hydrophilic parcels of hyaluronic acid to retain water in skin cells and maintain the skin’s humidity balance, precluding skin dehumidification and wrinkles. Dermal padding effectively fills intradermal spaces and strengthens skin apkins, improves skin pliantness and turgidity. Hyaluronic acid in its composition is sluggishly absorbed by the body in 6- 8 months and provides the skin with a long- continuing natural revivification effect.

Hyamira Forte is indicated for deep skin injections to help hypercorrections. The most suitable injection fashion is the direct retrograde fashion. The hype
has a plastic pad for a more comfortable and accurate injection.

In an trouble to laboriously combat counterfeiting and its consequences, Centrale Fillers has made traceability its number one precedence Stylish before dates, EU markers and batch figures are collectively vindicated as needed by our Quality Charter.

Product features

By retaining water in the skin apkins, hyaluronic acid ensures better hydration and slows the visible signs of aging. Its action is long- term and preventative, as it takes 6 to 8 months for the body to absorb the gel.

Its homogeneous texture also makes it possible to fill in medium to heavy wrinkles. It works effectively thanks to itsbio-revitalizing effect and its versatility. Hyamira Forte 1mL result can also be used to restore or redesign certain areas of the face.

Warning This product can only be administered by good interpreters.

Treated areas

Hyamira Forte is used to rejuvenate the entire face. The gel is also used as

– Lip and nose volume correction

– Strengthening or filling the chin and cheekbones

– Filling medium to strong wrinkles

Use of the product

Hyamira Forte is easy to use with the Hyaluron Pen or through injections thanks to the fluidity of its gel. It provides visible and natural results thanks to its attention in HA 25 mg/ ml.

Hyamira Forte represents a gentle volition to ornamental surgery. This product is effective enough to visibly reduce wrinkles and cracks, and remains more invasive than mesotherapy. Bruising and swelling without inflexibility are occasionally noted within 48 hours of treatment and are effortless.
The injection is done deep, but can not treat hypercorrection. The needle is fitted using the direct retrograde fashion, a careful surgical procedure eased by support( included in the package). The gel, fitted into the intradermal spaces, is fixed homogeneously and is also assimilated by the skin apkins.

The use of Hyamira Forte is explosively contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, minors and cases with skin disinclinations. As with any intervention, the injection poses a threat of infection, which is minimum if health guidelines are followed.

Results observed after operation of Hyamira Forte 1 ml

The combined moisturizing and filling effect reduces wrinkles caused by fatigue and age. Smooth skin, exposure of dark circles, satin skin an immediate result that delights cases satisfied with their radiant and rested appearance.

The pliantness of skin apkins is maximum an express revivification treatment handed by the Italian laboratory Apharm.

Hyamira Forte- Packaging Content

HA attention 25 mg/ ml
Pre-filled hype
with a volume of 1 ml
2 needles 27G1/2






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