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Nicole Junkermann, Lynn Good: Businesswomen

What’s a businesswoman to do? Being a business owner can mean many things, from an executive position in a large or small business to venturing into the unknown as an entrepreneur and even starting your own business. Naturally, success is different for everyone.

Today we will be discussing Nicole Junkermann, Lynn Good. To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be confident so that others respect you. not appreciate your authority. Express assertiveness by being confident, conveying authority and purpose in your speech. Make sure you are confident and take criticism in a thoughtful way, staying cool, calm and thoughtful.


About Nicole Junkermann, Lynn Good

Nicole Junkermann

Nicole Junkermann

Nicole Junkermann, an international investor and entrepreneur, focuses on identifying opportunities to challenge existing businesses with cutting-edge technology. Born in Germany and based in London, Nicole Junkermann has built a wide and extensive business network across Europe as well as the US and Asia.

Personal life and age of Nicole Junkermann

At 42, Nicole Junkermann looks so beautiful. Nicole Junkermann was born on April 27, 1980. Interestingly, she was just a child to both of their parents. Her father Junkermann Heinz, also a very successful businessman, together with her mother Junkermann Ingrid, belong to a very rich family. Tragically, Heinz breathed his last in June 2011. In the month he breathed his last, Heinz was 83 years old.

The Married Life of Nicole Junkermann

Nicole Junkermann was married to Brachetti Peretti Ferdinando. The wedding ceremony was in March 2017. It is not yet confirmed when exactly the wedding date was set. Nicole Junkermann and Ferdinand Brachetti Peretti’s first child was a girl in December 2017. Mila Peretti, Nicole’s mother-in-law, is an Inspector of the National Degree of the Italian Cross and Elsa Brachetti is a jewelry designer. with Italian design. Nicole is a strong supporter of the work she does with her mother-in-law.

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Membership and ownership in Nicole Junkermann

Nicole is a member of the Advisory Council of Trilantic Europe, an elite private equity firm across Europe with approx. EUR 1.5 billion in assets under management. The company acts to bridge the American and European markets. Trilantic specifically focuses on leisure, healthcare, consumer goods, TMT and business services transactions. Nicole is the current CEO of NJF Holdings. She is also a director of private equity firm Trilantic Europe and Owkin, part of the NJF Capital portfolio. Nicole was also part of the Latin American Acquisitions Committee at the Tate Americas Foundation. This commission helps Latin American artists. NJF Real Estate invests primarily in income generating assets as well as construction projects in the most interesting European real estate markets.

A clear vision for business Nicole Junkermann

Nicole Junkermann is overwhelmed by the expectations of what a woman from an impressive family should be. Nicole was from Germany. She grew up in Marbella. A lover of all things earth, she soon found her way into the world of business. In fact, she founded Winamax, the Winamax online gaming platform. In this she started her business.

Last words for Nicole

This position provides Nicole Junkermann with the achievements and qualifications of an established name in international business. He mainly focuses on healthcare and biotechnology. Her knowledge and education help her navigate the competitive market.

Lynn Good

Nicole junkermann: lynn good

Lynn Good is the chairman, CEO and president of Duke Energy, a Fortune 500 company. Born in Ohio, Good attended Miami University, where she earned a BS in systems analysis and accounting.

Lynn Good is the chairman, CEO and president of Duke Energy, one of the largest energy holding companies in the United States. Under her leadership, Duke Energy has intensified its commitment to serving its communities and customers well and is leading the way to a more sustainable and efficient energy future.

Net Asset Lynn Good

Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good’s $16.5 million compensation package for 2021 was 142 times the $115,851 for the company’s median employee. CEO Lynn Good’s 2021 Compensation Package at Duke Energy Corp. reaching nearly $16.5 million in 2021.

Personal life and age of Lynn Good

Lynn Good was raised and born in Fairfield, Ohio. Her date of birth is not recorded. His father worked as a math instructor who later became a high school principal. Graduate of Miami University of Ohio with BA and MA in Systems Analysis. Lynn Good was married to Brian R. Good. They have three children. She began her career as a support worker in 2003 working for Cinergy, a Cincinnati-based company that was acquired by Duke Energy three years later. Prior to 2003, Lynn Good was a partner in two international accounting firms, including a long-term partnership with Arthur Andersen.

Relations between Duke Energy and Lynn Good

Duke Energy is accelerating the green energy transition by diversifying its large renewable energy portfolio as well as ensuring grid protection by investing in distribution and transmission assets and working with lawmakers and stakeholders to implement pro-energy policies. Customers, communities and investors will all benefit from the change.

Words by Lynn Good

Someone said to me, “Lynn, you’re going to have extremely good days and you’re probably going to have extremely bad days. But it is very rare to find that things go as smoothly as they seem. Likewise, it’s very rare to find things that aren’t as bad as they seem.’ Having a clear perspective and the ability to challenge your perspective is essential to making the right decisions.

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