PS5 gaming chairs in 2022

PS5 gaming chairs in 2022

PS5 gaming chairs

PS5 gaming chair: Gaming chairs are essential to a gaming set up. It is sad how often gamers misjudge their values.

A proper gaming chair is need to carry on those long gaming sessions. Otherwise, they might cause minor to severe injuries like carpal tunnel, spinal dysfunction, and joint degeneration.

Also, these days, gaming chairs have become more advanced, thanks to the latest technology, better ergonomics and craftsmanship.

Before buying a gaming chair, several aspects need to be considered; material, weight capacity, extra features, and many more.

Five most beneficial gaming chairs for PS5

1. Vertagear SL5000

  • PUC synthetic faux leather
  • 4D armrests
  • UPHR foam cushions
  • 260 lbs capacity

The SL5000 is a premium gaming chair series from vertagear.  It is made out of PUC synthetic faux leather, which provides the comfort of PU while maintaining the durability of synthetic leather.

There is also a HygennX model with a midnight blue colour scheme. It comes with coffee fibre padding alongside PUC, which allows for more breathability and less Odour.

The ultra-high resilience (UPHR) foam is a high-density foam that can withstand 62 percent more weight per cubic foot than any other foam.

The 4D armrest, lumbar, and neck pillow ensure a comfortable long-term sitting experience.

2. Secetlab Titan Evo 2022

  • NEO Hybrid leatherette/soft weave plus fabric/NAPA leather
  • ADC12 wheelbase
  • Cold-Cure foam
  • 395 lbs capacity

The titan evo is the top tier gaming chairs line up from renowned brand, secretlab. The titan Evo 2022 is supposed to combine the best of both Titan and omega.

The titan evo comes with three material options: NEO hybrid leatherette, soft weave plus fabric, and NAPA leather. There are three sizes: small, regular and XL. The XL is built to carry extra weight at a max capacity of 395 lbs.

The 4D armrest with cloudscape, cold cure foam, 165-degree reclining backrest, neck pillow and the patent-pending 4-way L ADAPT lumbar support system support provide next level comfort. The titan Evo comes with various themes and colours schemes, like omega.

The ADC12 wheelbase and XL PU coated caster promise ultimate durability.

3. Noble chairs epic

  • Synthetic leather/real leather high-tech fauns’ leather/fabric.
  • 4D armrests
  • Cold foam cushions
  • 265 lbs capacity

Noblechirs is a brand famous for making affordable, good quality gaming chairs, and epic is no exception. This product comes with four material options: synthetic leather, real leather, high tech faux leather, and fabric.

4D armrest provide better posture, while the deformation-resistant cold cured foam is super comfortable.

robust aluminium base, class 4 hydraulic gas lift, and 60mm caster can take up to 265 lbs while going easy on hard and soft flooring.


4. AK Racing Masters series Max

  • PU leather
  • 4D armrests
  • High density mold shaping foam
  • 400 lbs capacity

AK Racing master series max is one of the best gaming chairs made for big and tall guys. The cover is made pf PU leather, while the 4D armrest provides better movement.

And high-density mold shaping foam padding ensures a comfortable seating experience. It comes with an adjustable headrest and lumbar cushion.

Being an XL size gaming chairs, the masters’ series max build quality is very rigid. With an extra heavy-duty gas lift and a high-tensile aluminium base, this gaming chair can support up to 400 lbs.

5. Secretlab omega

  • Prime 2.0 PU leather/soft weave plus fabric/NAPA leather
  • 4D armrests
  • Cold cure foam
  • 240 lbs capacity

Secretlab omega is one of the most popular gaming chair series of all time. Many professional gamers and streamers rely on it for its premium design and greater reliability.

This product comes with three material options: prime 2.0 PU leather, soft weave plus fabric, and NAPA leather. The secretlab omega has a vast selection of colour schemes  and themes.

In particular, the PU leather version cokes with various themes related to esports themes, movies, series, video games, and many more. The omega comes with 4D armrest to protect wrist from severe injuries like carpal tunnel.

The ADC12 aluminium wheelbase with class 4 gas hydraulics and XL PU-covered wheels can support up to 240 lbs.

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