SAP Full form

SAP full form:  System Applications and Products in Data Processing. A German software company whose particulars enable businesses to track customer and business information.
also, SAP is by description the name of the ERP( Enterprise Resource Planning) software as well as the name of the company.

They produce programmatic arrangements to manage business operations and customer connections. The SAP frame contains a number of fully coordinated modules that cover, for all intents and purposes, every perspective of business administration.


SAP was innovated in 1972 by Well enreuther, Hector, Hopp, Plattner and Tschira. It used to be called Framework Investigation and Program Development( German Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung), also it was renamed SAP.
1972- when the primary adaption began. SAP has profit of$0.3 million with nine representatives.

Characteristics of SAP

SAP could be a customer- garçon software that’s also called R/ 3.( Where” R” stands for real medication of time information and 3 daises for 3- position.

  • Database
  • operation waiters
  • customer
  • Business processes The operations included in SAP are as follows
  • Deals distribution
  • Material operation
  • fiscal account
  • Mortal capital operation
  • Health and safety

SAP consists of several modules or phases which are

Phase 1 – design medication
Phase 2- Business design
Phase 3- perpetration
Phase 4 – Final Preparation
Phase 5 – launch Live Support

All operations were erected on the meter of SAP Web operation Garçon. Expansion accoutrements were used to give unused highlights and keep the center as stable as imaginable. Net operation Garçon contained all the capabilities of SAP Base.


  • Business forms are formalized.
  • Enables integration withe-commerce.
  • Planning, shadowing, scheduling and administration is easier.
  • Cost effective as it reduces authority costs. It helps to computerize the details and control of businesses
  • The SAP frame does without copying data.


  • enforcing SAP- ERP for a small association can be precious. Its purchase and perpetration is thus veritably precious.
  • SAP fabrics are constantly complex; this way several associations do not have to change and agree to it.
  • You need to be a contract specialist to maintain SAP fabrics.
  • Inter-module capacities are slightly understood by the trade, but are high on the list of reasons to buy.
  • It creates internal conflicts in associations.






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