The Nilavilakku Wedding Blog

The Nilavilakku Wedding Blog


The Nilavilakku Wedding Blog:- If you are planning a traditional south Indian wedding, you’ve probably wondered about the significance of the nilavilakku. This hooded, tabular canopy is carried by female relatives leading the bride down the aisle. The nilavilakku symbolizes the goodwill and prosperity of the elders of the family. It is decorated with floral arrangements.

Traditional south indian ceramic oil lamp


A traditional south Indian ceramic oil lamp is known as a nilavilakku. It is an important ceremonial item, lit up before the wedding ritual. It has many symbolic and religious meanings, including a tilak of the god Vishnu. The tilak has been used for centuries and is made by artisans in south India. They are decorated with an engraved Vishnu symbol and the wick. When lit, the wick is inserted into a shallow cup of oil, which creates a flame.

In vedic times, fire was a staple item in every household. It was even carried while people migrated. The lamps were used to ensure there was always a source of fire in homes and religious buildings. Different rituals and rites were performed around them, making them a valuable part of the culture. These lamps were used for a variety of religious purposes, including the ritual of Aarti. And they have long been associated with the rituals of the South Indian subcontinent.

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The Www.nilavilakku. Com is one of the most important parts of a wedding ceremony. A traditional wedding ceremony in Kerala involves a sacred lamp known as the nilavilakku that is held by the bride. The ceremony is known as Griha Pravesh and takes place in the bride’s family home. After the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds celebrate the reception at their new home. A wedding in Kerala is incomplete without this symbol; you must have this lamp in your home.

The nilavilakku symbolizes the goodwill and prosperity of the bride’s family and her new husband. It is a small lamp or tabular canopy decorated with flower arrangements. The bride’s eldest maternal uncle would take her around the house after the koluvilakku (maternal ritual).



The nilavilakku. Com wedding blog celebrates the wedding rituals in Kerala. The Nilavilakku, a brass lamp, is a sacred symbol for the wedding. It is used in many traditional ceremonies in Kerala, and is considered a symbol of grace. This wedding blog focuses on the unique traditions of Kerala weddings, including their meanings.

The nilavilakku is a traditional lamp from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, made from a single wick. It has a pointed top and is used during wedding rituals in both these states. The bride’s family traditionally carried a nilavilakku to the wedding, which is a symbol of prosperity and goodwill. It also symbolizes the bride’s eldest maternal uncle’s goodwill.



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