Trevor paul entertainment lawyer

Trevor paul entertainment lawyer


Vogue on Instagram:

“The first meeting between actor/producer @annasophiarobb and entertainment lawyer Trevor Paul is as cute as a movie reunion. The two sat separately at a shared table in Brooklyn…

Vogue shared a post on Instagram:

“Actor/producer @annasophiarobb and entertainment attorney Trevor Paul’s first meeting is as cute as a movie reunion. The two sat separately at a shared table in Brooklyn reading their books.” Morals for me – I was in college – and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for Trevor,” recalls AnnaSophia.

Actor #AnnaSophiaRobb first met entertainment lawyer Trevor Paul at a coffee shop in Brooklyn where they exchanged chats but no numbers. The next evening, AnnaSophia got off the subway and ran into Trevor, who was waiting for his roommate. “It was one of those kismet New York moments,” he recalls. At the link in their bio, the couple shares the intimate details of their Harvest Moon wedding.

The cute reunion between actress and patron AnnaSophie Robb and entertainment counsel Trevor Paul feels like it’s from another time when chancing love depended more on chance or fate. It was March 2016, and they struck up a discussion while reading their books at a participated table at what’s now Partner’s Coffee in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. “ It was Genealogy of Morals for me – I was in council – and Harry Potter and the Champion’s Gravestone for Trevor, ” recalls AnnaSophia. “ I asked if this was his first time reading Harry Potter, and he replied that he was taking a study break from his much less instigative- law academy handbooks.

When their small talk was over, they went their separate ways without swapping figures. The veritably coming evening, as luck would have it, when AnnaSophia got off the Bedford Ave shelter, Trevor was there staying for his roommate on the corner. They made eye contact and also – just like in the pictures – it started to rain. They scuffled off to a corner wine bar where Trevor eventually asked for AnnaSophia’s number.” It was one of those kismet New York moments,” he recalls.

In August 2021, after being together for over four times, the couple traveled to Amsterdam to visit musketeers.” We had planned to travel around,” says AnnaSophia. “ I did not know Trevor was colluding all along.

Trevor paul entertainment lawyer

After arriving, they spent the day sightseeing in Amsterdam.” Trevor was veritably engaged and kept humming our favorite song’ far and wide’ by Fleetwood Mac- although I still did not understand what was going on!” AnnaSophia admits. “ One evening we rented a boat to watch the evening. supposedly they allowed anyone to hire boats and take them around the conduits of Amsterdam- no license or anything demanded.’

They eventually managed to situate the boat as the sun was setting over the conduits. “ also suddenly Trevor balances on one knee and tells me he wants to be’ far and wide’ with me- that is why his Fleetwood hums all day- and pops the question. I was stupefied, fully surprised, also I burst into gashes and started crying at everyone that we just got engaged.”

They FaceTimed their families and walked the thoroughfares of Amsterdam with a bottle of champagne. In all the fests, they lost track of time and managed to miss their regale reservation. “ All the caffs in the area were unrestricted – so we ended up ordering Happy refections, ” says AnnaSophia. “ It turns out that Dutch McDonald’s is enough succulent.

Once the shock wore off, AnnaSophia and Trevor began searching far and wide for a marriage venue. Sonoma, the San Juan islets, Mexico, Colorado and Europe were on the table.” We were open to everything,” says AnnaSophia.” But also, last October, we were in the Berkshires with my bridesmaid, Coco, and Trevor and I were looking at the hydrangeas in bloom, with that sweet smell of fall, and the rolling groaner hills, and we allowed ,’ Let’s get married up north!'” For it’s easy enough for our megacity musketeers, but it still feels like a destination marriage, and we met in New York — our home for adecade.It also reminded Trevor and I of our motherlands Trevor is from a small city in the Midwest and in Upstate New York there are analogous rolling green ranges to southern Illinois, and I am from Colorado, so seeing the Catskills in the distance seems like a gentle echo of the Rockies.”

In the early hours of that night, while searching the internet for possible places, Trevor set up the Inness, a hostel that had opened a many months agone. The coming weekend, AnnaSophia and Trevor went to the estate.” We fell in love with this property and had that buzzing feeling in our tummies that gave us the quiet assurance that this was’ the place,'” says AnnaSophia.  is a gift and a honor. Twelve million girls are wedded every time, some as youthful as 8, so we wanted to mate with Oath for Girls to raise mindfulness and finances to end child marriage. To that end, we have included the Girls’ Pledge on our registry and in our welcome letter. 100 of finances raised go directly to community- led sweats to end child marriage. sweats include advancing girls’ rights by furnishing education, job training and life chops.”

Trevor paul entertainment lawyer

On their marriage weekend in early September, AnnaSophia and Trevor had three days of sun and were married in Inness under the Harvest Moon.” It was the height of afterlife, but the warmth of summer still hung in the air,” says AnnaSophia. “

The couple’s florist Molly Ford introduced them to marriage diary extraordinaire Rachel Urban of Loli Events.” She was great guiding me and Trevor through the process,” says AnnaSophia.” All the logistics, all the headache- converting corridor of a marriage that are far less glamorous than the cutlet, the dress, the flowers and the love. Real work!”

Inness has further than 30 Scandinavian- style log cabins on the property, as well as a large grange that doubles as a hostel and participated chesterfield. Family and musketeers stayed in all the cabins and reserved the ranch, creating an experience that felt like grown- up summer camp at its roughest and Catskills retreat at its most refined.

To protest off the weekend, the couple hosted an intimate trial regale on the grange’s screened veranda with their immediate family and marriage party on Friday night. “ I have always loved stretch and knew I wanted to incorporate commodity special for the marriage weekend, ” says AnnaSophia of how she chose her Friday evening.  They contacted right back with a print of the perfect dress a white John Galliano slip dress from 2001. I wanted to wear commodity a little more slinky and sportful for the trial regale and welcome party to discrepancy the luxurious romanticism of my marriage dress. ”

After the trial regale, the fests opened to drink guests.” The only way to describe the feeling of seeing everyone from different corridor of your life come one by one is fireworks,” says AnnaSophia. “ The whole time my mouth was open in amazement as guest after guest appeared outside the ranch.

Friend and cook Sarah Glover cooked over an open fire for the event.” She always has a good time and brought her platoon, this lovable group of youthful cookers, to cook with her,” says AnnaSophia.” Sarah has this way with food, appreciating and sourcing the finest original constituents.” When people arrived, they all gathered around Sarah’s backfires to hear to speeches and toasts, enjoy drinks fromSt. Germain and dug into their food. The night continued with dancing, ice cream from Jeni’s Ice Cream, a many competitive rounds of billiards at the grange, lots of talking and eventually a night syncope.

On the morning of the marriage day, AnnaSophia got ready in one room with her bridesmaids and relatives – all mulling about, drinking champagne and dancing. “ I was suitable to sit and watch and just breathe as Cristin Armstrong and Carolina Gonzalez worked their magic, ” she recalls.

Although AnnaSophia regularly walks the red carpet, choosing a marriage dress was a fully new and different experience for her. “ I am generally getting ready for an event or wearing a costume for a character, so I am constantly allowing about what the clothes say and what the story of the day or scene is, ” she explains.

yet classic and dateless- a distinctive voice in the world of marriages.”

Once she landed on her dress, she tried it on so numerous times in medication for the marriage that when the day came, it felt like she was dressing a dear old friend.” For the Lord of the Rings suckers, I am going to be a geek for a while,” says Anna Sophia. “ It reminded me of mithril — this rare, light armor that made me feel insurmountable. The sheer top layers flowed sumptuously whenever I moved, but the structure of the deconstructed corset kept me in place. The artificer was excellent. It was a balance between Grace Kelly and commodity new, commodity fully Danielle. ” AnnaSophia decided to complete the look with her grandmother’s diamond superstuds.” She faded at the veritably morning of COVID and I knew it would mean the most to have  Eventually, for shoes, her hairstylist Thomas Kikis reached out to Roger Vivier.” Gherardo and his platoon were darlings and rushed me custom-made platforms and pumps in size34.5,” says AnnaSophia.

Trevor paul entertainment lawyer

At the launch of the form, the bridegroom’s musketeers sang Fleetwood Mac’s” far and wide” as a homage to the couple’s engagement story.” I did not want to miss their performance, so our diary set up a speaker behind the barn so I could hear,” says AnnaSophia.” I felt really predicated and was more upset about pumping up Alice, our flower girl, but as soon as I heard my musketeers’ voices, I broke down and my pater and I just had to enjoy a moment of peace together before they walked.

The form circle overlooked the Catskills with wildflowers dotted in the background. The way down to the form circle were lined with oak branches, so that when guests and marriage guests descended, they felt as if they were entering a new  It felt so cinematic and larger than life. ”

At the launch of the service, the couple’s pastor, Michael Rudzena, suggested they” take it all in” and look at the crowd of faces. also followed the promises that the bridegroom and bachelor wrote themselves.” It’s the only time we really have the occasion to say this holy, solemn oath in the presence of our community,” says AnnaSophia.” Trevor’s promises were great.

But when it came to reciting her own promises, AnnaSophia was nervous.” That said, when I read the promises I wrote, I felt like I was in the process of publicizing the stylish decision of my life,” she says.” It was instigative and deeply fulfilling to partake these words with him and everyone, straight from my heart.”


Trevor paul entertainment lawyer
Trevor paul entertainment lawyer


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