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Therapy that brings change

Happiness in life depends on relationships – your relationship with yourself, your partner, your children – and other significant, albeit difficult, people in your life.

Self-acceptance, effective communication, intimacy, trust, and conflict resolution contribute to the quality of relationships you desire. You may think it’s unattainable or impossible, but there is hope with the right tools, support, resources, and skills.

For therapy to work, you need three things:

Committed to understanding how you got to this point in your life,

A strong connection with your therapist a

Concrete, practical tools to help you make real and lasting changes.

Experience matters. Whether you are depressed, anxious, unhappy in your relationship, fighting over child custody and co-parenting, or want self-acceptance and resolution, look no further.

Let me help you move to a place of understanding so you feel empowered to make new and

different choices that will improve your life and your relationships.


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