What to Wear to a Winery (Dos and Don’ts + Stylish Wine Tasting Clothes)

Things you should know

Make sure you stay comfortable. For example, wear practical shoes such as elegant sandals, chunky heels or mules to explore the entire winery.

Opt for more sophisticated ensembles such as flowy blouses, midi skirts and ankle boots because wine tasting is a classy affair.

Dresses for the season. In the summer, for example, wear the blouse tucked into shorts with beaded sandals. In winter, wear a knitted dress with ruffled sleeves and boots.

If you are attending a winery wedding, avoid white and choose a dress in different shades such as jewels, solid colors or pastel shades.

Dress code

1. Wear something sophisticated and elegant.

If you’re a little unsure of what to wear, reach for sophisticated staples in your wardrobe. For example, try a flowy blouse instead of a T-shirt. Ditch your flip flops and go straight for your dressier footwear. Accessorize your ensemble with elegant jewelry that will add a touch of class to your trip.

2. Wear comfortable shoes.

While stilettos are nice, they get stuck easily on dirt roads or grass. To make sure you get the most out of your experience and see all the sights, choose practical footwear such as elegant sandals, chunky heels or slingback mules.

Choose low-maintenance clothing. For example, moisturise before you leave and use a chilled eye cream to keep you glowing all day.

3. Try clothes that are low maintenance so you can move around a lot.

Impress effortlessly – choose dresses, tops and bottoms that are easy to throw on. Avoid outfits that take a lot of time to lace up or have hard-to-reach zippers. Also leave the dumas at home. With all the wine you’ll be drinking, you’ll probably want files that are easy to handle.

Comfortable clothing is especially important when you need to run to the bathroom.

4. If it’s cold, bring layers.

Since the weather may suddenly change on you or you and your buddies may be heading out to other wineries in the evening, come prepared. Keep outerwear like a fitted denim jacket or jewel-toned blazer in the car, or throw it on if you need to keep warm.

A blazer is also great because it instantly dresses up any top.

5. Wear earth tones, dark colors or floral prints.

Try not to court danger by wearing white – Murphy’s Law can kick in and you can get dirt or dust on your clothes. Plus, if you or one of your friends gets too drunk and spills wine on you, it’ll be much easier to wipe off a dark shade or busy pattern.

6. Pull out your best printouts of the statement.

Make your wine tasting trip a fairytale worthy of dreamy IG posts. As seemingly endless vineyards, lush trees and even stone castles can surround you, dress for the occasion. Act like you’re about to dance for a photo shoot in your most eye-catching piece, like a striped maxi dress.

7. Elevate your jeans with a chic top.

While it’s perfectly acceptable to wear denim jeans or shorts, balance out those understated bottoms with whimsical blouses. For example, wear a silk floral top with skinny jeans or a boho peasant blouse and gold layered necklace with shorts. You’ll instantly radiate carefree charm.

8. Stick with a small purse.

Make sure your hands are free and avoid a clutch or large bag that can get thrown around – it’ll be easier to laugh and tell stories to your friends while carrying a glass of wine. In addition, you will probably look forward to a lot of orders and small desserts.

9. Keep your hair manageable.

Help yourself get in the zone and enjoy all the glasses of wine properly. Instead of a high-maintenance hairstyle like a tight bun, go for a look that won’t require a lot of updos. Try fun but simple beachy waves, a simple fishtail braid, or a high ponytail.


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