What’s BBA Full Form? Everything you need to know

The full form of BBA is Bachelor of Business Administration. BBA is one of the most popular and sought after bachelorette degree programs pursued by scholars after 12th standard. A BBA course is a gateway to a plethora of job openings in numerous diligence similar as deals, marketing, education, finance, deals and government to name a many.

BBA is a three- time professional bachelorette’s course in Business Management. The course is open to scholars of all three aqueducts i.e. Science, trades and Commerce. The BBA course offers knowledge and training in directorial and leadership chops to prepare them for directorial places and entrepreneurship. There are about 4900 BBA sodalities in India. scholars who wish to pursue a career in operation can pursue a BBA course after completing class 12. The course will help scholars learn colorful aspects of business administration and operation through classroom lectures and practical systems similar as externships. The course introduces scholars to colorful aspects of business administration, request, marketing trends, etc.

BBA Course crucial Points


  • BBA is a popular council course.
  • Scholars from all three disciplines, i.e. Science, Commerce and trades, can take the course.
  • Full- time BBA is a three- time course divided into six semesters. still, there are colorful binary degree BBA courses like BBA LLB and Integrated MBA which are five time courses.
  • Admission to BBA is secured on the base of merit and scores in entrance examinations.
  • The BBA can be studied full- time, part- time, correspondence or online. Full time BBA is the most popular of all.
  • Scholars can pursue BBA course after completing class 12th.

Types of BBA

The BBA course is available across different modes of education to feed to different types of BBA applicants. scholars can take the course in face- to- face, distance and online mode.  BBA course is the most popular choice for BBA applicants, but online BBA is getting more and more popular in the last many times.

Full- time BBA

Full- time BBA is a three- time course spread over six semesters. As mentioned over, full time BBA is the most sought after option for BBA applicants. The program includes physical classrooms, assessments, externships and final externships. There are roughly 4600 full time BBA sodalities in India. The average cost of the course is between INR 3 to 6 thousand.

Part- time BBA

Part- time BBA is just like regular BBA, but the difference is in the tutoring hours. The course is also of three times duration, but the part- time BBA courses are held in the gloamings or on weekends. Part- time BBA is best suited for working professionals who want to study alongside their work. There are around 30 part time BBA sodalities in India. The average cost of the course is between INR,000 to,000.

Distance/ Correspondence BBA

The difference between regular BBA and distance BBA is that unlike the regular BBA program, no physical classroom is present in distance BBA. campaigners can continue their career through distance communication and correspondence. A distance BBA is cheap and flexible and is stylish suited for those who for some reason can not do a regular BBA. There are about 250 distance BBA sodalities in India. The average cost of the course is between INR,000 and,000.

Online BBA

Online BBA has gained fashion ability in recent times. The end was to give scholars with an occasion to complete the BBA course through a virtual education system. There are no physical classrooms or relations, and lectures are delivered via online videotape conferencing. Notes and study accoutrements are participated on the Internet through colorful media. There are about 50 online BBA sodalities in India and the average course figure is in the range of INR 27000- 40000.

BBA Eligibility Criteria and Entrance Exams

  • campaigners who have completed their class 12 in any sluice from a honored education board or university can pursue BBA.
  • Campaigners must score minimal 50 total and above in class 12th.
  • In case the seeker has appeared for the class 12 test and is staying for the result, they can also apply for the course.

Stylish BBA Entrance Examinations in India

Generally, admission to BBA is granted on the base of an entrance test conducted by the institute/ university offering the course. Also, many institutes conduct group conversations and particular interviews after the entrance test.

Name of the Exam Last Date of Application (tentative) Application link
SET 2023 Last week of April 2023 SET application form
DU JAT 2022 Scrapped Scrapped
IPMAT 2023 Last week of April 2023 IPMAT application form 
CUET 2023 First week of May 2023 CUET application form
Christ University Entrance Test 2023 Second week of February 2023 Christ University Entrance Test application form
AIMA UGAT 2023 Last week of April 2023 AIMA UGAT application form
IPM Aptitude Test 2023 First week of May 2023 IPM AT application form
NMIMS NPAT 2023 Third week of June 2023 NMIMS NPAT application form
FEAT 2023 First week of December 2022 FEAT application form

Stylish BBA specialization

Some of the most popular BBA majors are listed below

List of BBA Specialisations
BBA Finance BBA in Banking and Insurance BBA Information Technology
BBA Human Resource BBA Marketing BBA Communication and Media Management
BBA Foreign Trade BBA Hospitality and Hotel Management BBA Hospital and Healthcare Management

The HR Executive’s crucial responsibility is to oversee mortal resource related conditioning similar as registration and payroll.

Marketing director

The marketing director creates the sanctioned statement and is responsible for promoting the association’s products, conducting and assaying competitive exploration, and establishing pretensions, prospects, and results for marketing programs.

Marketing manager

The Marketing director collaborates with Product directors and focuses on executing new/ revised programs to apply bettered strategies. Developing request exploration studies and assaying their findings to make the stylish use of marketing programs and juggernauts for the association’s products and services are the marketing director’s liabilities.

Deals director

The Deals director must design and apply strategies to increase the company’s deals profit and expand the company’s request base.

Research and Development( R&D) director

The exploration and development director directs and manages the development and exploration programs of the association to fulfill the requirements of the association. Measuring the compass of exploration systems and icing that they’re delivered on time within a set budget is the part of the R&D director.

BBA Job Biographies and hires

Check the table below to know the career options for scholars after BBA along with the average payment offered in India

Job Profile Salary (Per Annum)
HR Executive INR 3.75 lakh
Marketing Executive INR 2.91 lakh
Marketing Manager INR 6.84 lakh
Sales Executive INR 2.44 lakh
Entrepreneur INR 7.44 lakh
Financial Advisor INR 3.83 lakh
Public Relations Manager INR 5.21 lakh

Frequently asked questions


Is BBA a special course?

This is a specialization that is similar to international trade. In the BBA in Global Business, you will learn about global businesses operating on a large scale. Learn about international trade laws, tax laws, accounting laws and more.


How many types of BBA are there?

3 types of BBA majors and best BBA specializations in India.


Is BBA good for future?

Apart from education, BBA degree has a lot of scope when it comes to career. It is one of the few degrees where students can get high-paying jobs in management and administration right after graduation. The country’s economy is growing and many new companies are being created.


Which subject is most important in BBA?

Some of the major subjects in BBA course are Business Economics, Business Mathematics, Principles of Management, Statistics, Organizational Behavior etc. BBA subjects vary according to BBA specialization. Students have to choose their specialization according to the BBA skills they have.


Which country is best for BBA?

Which country is best to study BBA? A. UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia are considered popular study destinations for BBA studies. There are various colleges in these countries offering BBA in various fields.


What does the BBA course include?

What are BBA subjects? The BBA syllabus consists of a diverse range of subjects such as Business Communication, Business Mathematics, Fundamentals of Accounting, Management Information Systems (MIS), Organizational Behaviour, Managerial Economics and so on.

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