HOPE FOR GOOD BUT BE VERY BAD: Hundreds of people beat me for training and counseling each year. And hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, have come to hear me talk about digital marketing.


But less than one percent of these people take action.

I will sit down with a dedicated business owner or student – all uplifted to conference power. They say they want to take action and they insist that they will take the right steps to build their reputation.

I know that if I go back to them a month later, they will not show me anything. I even told people that I know, based on doing this a thousand times, that mathematically they have a 1 percent chance of taking action.

Some people wonder why we are “sharing our secrets” in public — fearing that competition will rob us of our business or that no one will want to hire us.

But the opposite is true — they find that there is more to Facebook than they realize, they are “too busy”, have little time, and need help.

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Use the Right Sequence


Most teens try to figure out what to do with blitzmetrics.com/students.

We used to check the suitability — to show that they could quickly learn Facebook’s marketing ideas and win questions.

But because we know that few people are instructed to do something as simple as doing 5 blogs in 5 days, that is a key factor.

This eliminates ninety-five percent of people even though their blog posts can actually be a one-minute video or a few sentences.

And there are all sorts of excuses for how they got sick, were on vacation, died of a laptop, had no wifi, or anything. However it would be a small effort to make a one-minute FB video or post than their 30 snapchats they also did that day. It was more effort to make excuses behind the truth than to do anything. We know that if they behave this way during screening it will be the same if we hire them.

Things will not happen for any reason — always a new reason.

Good Hope

Spread the net even to give everyone a chance. We do not report them for thousands of years as lazy and authoritarian – giving them a chance to prove they can do something easier.

We believe that everyone deserves a chance, and our team especially has people who are amazingly talented, but who don’t have a good place to thrive.


We hope the best for you:


Providing open access to anyone who wants to learn about free online training

Agree to spend 5 minutes with anyone answering their questions

Believing in the “impossible” can be achieved if you have enough heart to keep repeating yourself until success

As one of my coaches said, “If you don’t quit, you win.”


Prepare for the Worst


But if you give anyone a chance, you need a system that can process failure on the scale — so as not to undermine the system.

Because we are not a non-profit organization that relies on donations, we still have to bring about business results.

We are working on a policy called “kind failure.” When someone does not do the job, our system recognizes it and another person enters.

I worked in the aviation industry 20 years ago and was amazed at how many operating failures there were, but the planes rarely crashed.

Flight crew did not arrive at work, unexpected weather, equipment failures, or anything.

We should all have failed plans to deal with failures kindly so as not to be a disaster. We have plans to make a backup copy, unwanted, and procedures for all cases.

For example, if maximum power fails on an aircraft, there are many backup APUs.

And when these fail, a small airplane slips out of the fuselage, producing energy at the speed of the aircraft.

It is one thing to have a plane delayed in order to replace a broken part and another to make a mistake.

We are preparing for the worst by:

To ensure that we do not have projects that can be controlled by the checklist process

Divide all of our processes into small steps that are easily replicated

Creating training against each specific job, so that professionals should get a certificate for each skill

Having a filtering process for forgiving customers “nightmares” where we ensure the right expectations and will adhere to our model.

What do you do with your business to make sure you hope for the best and prepare for the worst?

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