Wipro Full Form: Find out the full form of Wipro?

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In this article we will get to know Wipro in its full form


What is the full form of Wipro?


Wipro Full Form is refined palm oil from West India.


I = India

P = palm

R = Refined


Below we explain you the meaning of WIPRO,

WIPRO Full form

Find the meaning of Wipro


What does Wipro mean?


The Meaning Of Wipro is a privately held multinational IT consulting and systems integration services company headquartered in Bangalore, India.

Find an acronym for West Indian Refined Palm Oils

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What is the abbreviation for West Indian Refined Palm Oil?


Wipro stands for West Indian Palm Refined Oils.




Refined = R


Wipro Limited means (West Indian Refined Palm Oil Limited or newly added, Western Indian product Limited). It an Indian Data Technology Services Corporation based in Bengaluru, India.  all started in 1943 when the founder of Premji’s family started a vegetable oil refining company. It was named as Western India Vegetable product limited (WIPRO).

However, the company’s heterogeneous general business and ventured into data technology, consulting, consumer care and lighting, infrastructure and medical systems. During the early life of the Indian IT business in 1977, the name was shortened to Wipro Products Limited.

Due to this shift in product and business focus, the standard “sunflower” brand was modified to another vibrant and heterogeneous brand in 2017




What is Wipro?

Wipro Technologies, also referred to as Wipro Limited, is an Indian software and technology services provider that focuses on the global market. Headed by chairman Azim Premji, son of the founder, Mohamed Hasham Premji, Wipro Ltd began in 1945 as Western India Products, a corporation that sold petroleum.


What does the Wipro logo mean?

As part of the new brand identity, Wipro unveiled a replacement logo. The expanding pattern symbolizes unlimited Wipro. The four circles represent the values ​​of Wipro, employees, clients and partners and communities. The blue color of the wordmark creates a way of reliability and authority.


Who is the founder of Wipro?

M.H. Hasham Premji
Sudipto Halder


Who is the CEO of Wipro in 2018?

Chairman Azim Premji’s gross remuneration rose 10%, the company said. Wipro ended the year with an operating margin of 16.8%. As of early March 2018, Wipro employed about 133,000 people, up from more than 137,000 at the previous year’s peak.


What is the Salary for Freshers in Wipro?


BENGALURU: Wipro has hiked fresher salaries to Rs 3.5 crore once a year from around Rs 3.2 crore. Salaries for campus recruits have remained stagnant across the industry for several years.


What is the full form of Wipro?

WIPRO stands for Western India Products. It is a limited liability multinational IT consulting and systems integration company based in Bangalore, India.


What is Wipro’s slogan?

Slogan of Wipro. Wipro used to have the tagline “Implementing an Idea” from (1998–2017) but it is now retired.

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