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YouTube Premium APK is a Premium subscription- grounded service offered by YouTube that allows the stoner to enjoy free music( standalone app), announcement-free videotape experience, background videotape playback, pop- up videotape box, and YouTube originals. This is commodity people have been asking for for a veritably long time. Eventually, Google came up with a way to meet the demand through YouTube Premium.

Introducing YouTube Premium

Get the sanctioned YouTube app for Android phones and tablets. See what the world is watching- from the hottest music vids to what is popular in gaming, fashion, beauty, news, literacy and further. Subscribe to the channels you love, produce your own content, partake it with musketeers and watch it on any device.

Follow and login

Browse particular recommendations on the home runner
See news from your favorite channels in the Subscriptions section
Search your Library for vids you’ve watched, liked, and saved for latterly

Explore different motifs, what is popular and what is on the rise

Stay on top of what is hot in music, gaming, beauty, news, literacy and further
See what is trending on YouTube and around the world on Explore
Read about the stylish generators, players and artists on the rise( available in named countries)

Connect with the YouTube community

Keep up with your favorite authors with posts, stories, premieres and live aqueducts
Join the discussion with commentary and interact with generators and other community members

Produce content from your mobile device

produce or upload your own vids right in the app
Engage your followership in real time with live streaming directly from the app
Find an experience that works for you and your family
Each family has its own access to online videotape.

Support your favorite authors with channel enrollments

Join channels that offer paid yearly enrollments and support their work
Get access to exclusive benefits from the channel and come part of the community of their members
Stand out in commentary and live exchanges with a fidelity emblem next to your username

Upgrade to YouTube Premium

Watch vids without being intruded by advertisements, while using other apps or with the screen locked
Save vids for when you really need them – like when you are on a aeroplane
or exchanging
Get access to YouTube Music Premium as part of your benefits.

YouTube Premium features

Grounded on the YouTube API– the introductory stoner interface and features are exactly like Google’s YouTube app. Vanced looks exactly like the original YT app.

Announcement- Block — Blocks all videotape advertisements. Nopre-video,mid-video and patronized advertisements as it comes with a erected- in announcement blocker. It offers the option to skip annoying guarantor parts

Background Playback — You can hear to music/ audio in the background as Vanced comes with background videotape playback

PiP Mode — Pop- up videotape box for multitasking, you can watch videotape while doing other tasks on your mobile phone with Picture- in- Picture mode. Simply put, you can shrink a videotape to take up a small portion of your screen so you can do other effects on your device.( PiP mode is only supported on Android Nougat and over)

Save Offline – Just like the original YouTube app, you can save vids offline

No Root – The app works without root, you can use the app on any Android device without any system access issues. Although there’s anon-root interpretation.

Dark Mode– Enjoy the app in dark mode with YouTube Vanced.

Side- by- Side Use – You can use the operation alongside the dereliction native operation. The app has a different package and can run alongside the original YouTube app. So you do not need to uninstall the dereliction YouTube app to use YouTube Vanced

HDR Mode – You can force the app to use HDR or Forced HDR, which will greatly ameliorate the videotape quality. Use Forced HDR to force an app to use HDR mode.

Codec Support – Allows you to stamp codec options similar as forcing H264 for old bias or VP9, also allows you to force HDR playback or turn off 60 fps if you prefer a cinematic experience.

Vanced Settings — You also get customized advanced app settings with more detailed videotape playback controls and preferences, buffer settings, swipe controls, videotape quality settings for mobile networks and Wi- Fi.

Gesture Controls – Swipe controls allow you to control brilliance and volume like in other videotape playback apps like VLC or MX Player( with configurable offset)

Support and Stability – Android4.4 support and the app is largely stable.
Run alongside the dereliction YouTube app

MOD information

  • REMOVE ALL announcements
  • Playing in the background
  • Force HDR mode
  • Stamp maximum resolution
  • shoot switch
  • videotape picture in picture
  • Change your preferred videotape quality on mobile and Wi- Fi.
  • Stamp the device’s maximum videotape resolution.
  • Change your preferred videotape speed.
  • Stamp the dereliction codec.
  • Allow hiding home advertisements( experimental point).
  • Disable YouTube Stories.
  • Disable end cards.
  • Disable word card buttons.
  • Disable Brand Watermark.
  • Disable submit button.
  • Enable tablet mini player.
  • Allow the placement of commentary.
  • Enable home hunt bar.
  • Enable dark theme.
  • Enable bus- reprise.
  • Disable full HDR brilliance.
  • Enable experimental player.
  • spark brilliance and volume controls with a swipe.

Constantly asked questions?

How to install Youtube Premium?

1. Download Youtube Premium( Vanced Manager) in the link section below this composition( only 4Mb)
2. Open the app and follow the instructions to complete the installation of YouTube Premium.

What are the benefits of YouTube Premium?

– Watch YouTube vids without advertisements.
– Download vids to mobile for offline viewing.
– Play videotape in the background and while using other apps.
– Get access to all pictures and series on YouTube Original.
– Get a free YouTube Music Premium subscription.

How to use YouTube Vanced Premium APK?

Just download the YT Vanced and MicroG train from the download links over and you are good to go.

3. Does it Support All the Features of YouTube Premium?

Yes! It supports almost all the features of YT Premium Except you cannot have access to YouTube Originals.





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